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Another possible inspiration is this more androgynous toy robot from the 50's.

This image came in from Andrew Quinn, the Production Designer for Yellow Springs, a Sci-Fi short film set in a future where people have become addicted to living out another live by way of a virtual reality. The film centers around "Number 11" a young girl who awakes from living out an 80 year old man's life. Upon returning to the "real world" she is greeted by Smokey, a robot who tends to the people plugged into the virtual world. This film will be made in the style of a drug film like Transpotting or Requiem for a Dream.

Andrew was looking for us to build a somewhat functional robot to play the part of Smokey. The robot is still in the development stage, and Andrew had a few idea for what Smokey should look like. Think of 50's tin toy robots; very boxy, crude, metal, dirty, lots of knobs and blinking lights like this reference image.