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|owner=Dave Velzy
|owner=Elly Hall
|model=HF 1/2 ton arbor press
|model=HF 1/2 ton arbor press
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= Overview =
= Overview =
Beverly throatless shears are classic all-purpose metal cutting tools for aluminum, copper, brass and steel.
Small 1/2 ton arbor press from harbor freight. On loan from Elly.
The model B2 cuts mild steel up to 10 Gauge (0.140 Inch) and stainless up to 14 Gauge (0.078 Inch)
It also handles higher gauges (thinner) and lighter metals without distortion.
The design allows work to be turned in any position during the cut. 
It features a geared rack and pinion which makes heavy metal cutting easy. 
Upper and lower blades are positioned to provide a clean, knurl-free cut, regardless of material thickness.
CAUTION: The Beverly shear will also cut fingers of any gauge.
Sheared sheet metal is razor sharp.

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Owner/Loaner: Elly Hall
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: HF 1/2 ton arbor press (google)
Arrival Date: 02/2014
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: No
Contact: User:reportingsjr
Floorplan: 2D


Small 1/2 ton arbor press from harbor freight. On loan from Elly.