2nd-Tuesday Guest Speaker Schedule

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Hive13 is all about sharing and learning about new things! Towards this mission, we have a long-standing tradition of scheduling new and interesting guest speakers for our regular Tuesday night General Member hybrid live/virtual meetings on the 2nd-Tuesday of each month.

The Hive is a DO-ocracy! DO your part to find, suggest, and arrange a future speaker and topic that YOU are interested in. Chances are, other members (and inquiring lurkers from the general public, i.e. future members?) are interested in the same topic.


The following schedule is a working document, editable by any *@hive13.org member. It shows confirmed upcoming speakers, tentative upcoming speakers, and legendary speakers from the past. You are invited to build on the proud tradition and fill in the upcoming openings!


DIY Facilitation

You've found the PERFECT speaker and have confirmed the upcoming date, but don't (yet?) know how to make a a blog post on the Hive13 main website to publicize it? We can fix that. The following link provides DIY facilitation in how to DO it. It is fun and easy, once you see how it's done. Now you don't have an excuse not to be another DID-it in the DO-ocracy.