3D Printing At Hive13

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3D Printing Bay at Hive13
Hive Printers Type Filament Size
Ultimaker 2 Bowden 2.85mm
Ender3v2 Bowden 1.75mm

Learning Resources

Software & Tools Used


  • Fusion 360
  • FreeCAD
  • Shapr

Slicing Software

A "Slicer," as it is referred to, is a piece of software that takes your 3D model, and "slices" it into layers and tool paths for the 3D printer to read.

  • PrusaSlicer
  • Cura


The overwhelming majority of desktop 3D printing is done in PLA. PETG is growing in popularity, as well as PC and PC Blends.

Typical Print Temperatures for PLA

  • Nozzle Temperature: 215 C
    • If the material has particulate in it (like glitter), raise nozzle temp to 220 C.
  • Bed Temperature: 60 C

Who to ask questions to

To-Do List

  • Resin Printer Prep
    • Ventilation
    • IPA & Other resin waste disposal
    • Safety equipment
    • Wash & Cure Station
  • Filament Storage
    • Tubs w/ airtight(ish) lids
    • "Rechargeable" Desiccant (can be baked in ovens to release moisture it collects)
    • Clearly marking spools of filament which type they are


  • Webpage showing 3D Printer statuses
    • camera ongoing prints
    • maybe just octoprint?
  • Ender3v2 enclosure
  • Prusa XL (might be unrealistic, but I want it here, okay?!)

Copied from old wishlist:

  • Resin 3d printer
  • Powder 3d printer
  • Dual extrusion FFF printer
  • Smoothing stuff (acetone chamber?)
    • New possibility coming out soon: PolySher from Polymaker
  • Simplify3D software
  • Large filament dehydrator
  • Filament "library" with many types for members to try out
  • hand-held 3d scanner for large objects (Cubify Sense?)