5' x 10' CNC Router

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Hive13 Project
CNC Machine
Status: Active
Start Date: 11/12/2013

Hive13 Equipment
List of All Documented Equipment

Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: See CNC Machine Page (google)
Arrival Date: 1/2014
Does it work?: No
Certification Needed?: Yes
Contact: User:Ian Wilson
Floorplan: 1C

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to have a functional CNC machine in the hive for use, along with documenting the steps needed to get the CNC machine functional -- we're starting out with parts -- so that other spaces and folks can use what we've learned to build a similar machine.

Project Cost

The Estimated cost of this project is $4,500 in core materials. We might have some other expenses (Computers, etc), however, that's not included in this cost.

Starting Goal

We started looking at the Joe's CNC 4x4 Hybrid CNC machine. We ended up settling on an 8x4 build/work area, 10x5 in total.

Future Revisions

  • v1.1 - Vacuum Table
  • v1.2 - Laser Attachment

Part List

Item Name Link to Product Qty Purchased? Date Ordered Item Cost
Access to Joe's CNC Forum http://joescnc.com/forums/ 1 Yes Aug 27, 2013 $75.00
KFLOP 8-axis Motion Control Board http://dynomotion.com/KFLOP.html 1 Yes Nov 15, 2013 $259.00
KStep 4-axis Stepper Controller http://dynomotion.com/KStep.html 1 Yes Nov 15, 2013 $209.00
Power Supply http://www.jameco.com/1/1/4115-se-1000-48-se-1000-998-4w-ac-dc-enclosed-switching-power-supply.html 1 Yes Nov 15, 2013 $218.80
Z-Axis For CNC http://www.veloxcnc.com/Z_AXIS_JOE_CNC.html 1 Yes Dec 20, 2013 $475.00
Stepper Motor (34FS1456B) http://www.longs-motor.com/productinfo/detail_12_25_120.aspx 4 Yes Dec 1, 2013 $~350.00
2 X 2 X 11 GA (.120 wall) A500 Steel Structural Square Tube http://www.amsupplyco.com/ 1,240 In. Yes Nov 06, 2013 $186.64
50x100mm T-Slot Extrusion (Includes Cut Fee) http://www.8020.net/T-Slot-5.asp 6,096mm Yes Dec 30, 2013 $243.23
3"x6" T-Slot Extrusion (Includes Cut Fee) http://www.8020.net/T-Slot-4.asp 84" Yes Dec 30, 2013 $250.87
1.5" x 3" Smooth T-Slot http://www.8020.net/T-Slot-4.asp 18" Yes Dec 30, 2013 $33.48
3" x 3" .25 Angle Iron 14" Yes Dec 30, 2013 $ 8.39
3" x 3" Square Tubing 14" Yes Dec 30, 2013 $ 8.81
1/4-20 x .375 Bhscs 150 Yes Dec 30, 2013 $31.50
15 S Scon T-Nut 150 Yes Dec 30, 2013 $40.50
5/16-18 x .625 Bhscs 56 Yes Dec 30, 2013 $ 16.24
10 S Econ T-Nut 14-20 Thread 200 Yes Dec 30, 2013 $ 42.00
Moore Gear 27 Feet $~500
Cable Chain 19 Feet $??.??
Emergency Stop Buttons ebay 6 Yes Jan 7, 2014 $59.70
Overview (Top of CNC) Camera ebay 1 Yes Jan 7, 2014 $69.00
Spindle Camera ebay 1 Yes Jan 7, 2014 $8.99
Monitor for Workstation ebay 2 Yes Jan 7, 2014 $55.00
Enclosure for Electronics 1 $??.??
X-Axis Plate 2 $??.??

Assembly Notes

Currently, the table itself is assembled, however, it's not level -- we'll need to either shim up the edges or find an alternative solution to create the table. (TODO: Attach pictures of table being assembled, or plans of the table itself.)

We're considering fabricating the X-Axis plates in house. We'd do this by wiring up the kFlop Controller and kStep driver and using the Lenovo that Ian's got for the task in order to make sure that everything works. I'm considering doing a test piece with MDF before actually pulling the trigger on doing it in aluminum, but, I want to get some feedback from Jon beforehand.


You'll need to be certified to operate the CNC machine. This will include a checkout of taking your project and converting it into GCode, copying it to the workstation, safety, dust collection, and tips/tricks.

Something else

I'm sure I'm missing something here. Feel free to add/nuke/delete things as needed.