5' x 10' CNC Router

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Hive13 Equipment
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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: Joe's CNC Evo (google)
Arrival Date: 1/2014
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: Yes
Contact: Jon
Floorplan: 1C

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Future Revisions

  • v1.0 - Fully working CNC (estimated March 2015)
  • v1.1 - Vacuum Table
  • v1.2 - Plasma cutting attachment
  • v1.3 - Laser Attachment

Software Links


You'll need to be certified to operate the CNC machine. This will include a checkout of taking your project and converting it into GCode, copying it to the workstation, safety, dust collection, and tips/tricks. Unlike the other machines in the hive, you'll need to re-certify on this equipment every 3 months. More information, including class materials will be forthcoming.

The CNC machine isn't a toy, and it's something that can be dangerous if operated incorrectly. While I agree that we should require re-certification every three months for use, we should also take a very hard-line stance with working on/near/around the machine. It's also a tremendous asset for the space when used correctly, and I'm hoping that its benefits, when used properly, will outweigh any negative use or damage.

If you would like to become certified please contact Jon, Coy, or Ryan.

The CNC class is at CNC Router Class.



We're using MA860H stepper drivers, a generic 5 axis breakout board, with an ethernet smoothstepper.

MA860H stepper

purchased from http://www.omc-stepperonline.com/

File:MA860H stepper driver manual.pdf


Generic 5 axis breakout board

New 5axis breakout board interfaces.fw r2 c1.png

Ethernet Smoothstepper

website: http://www.warp9td.com/

Manual https://www.dropbox.com/s/y0z5gkkogjkw9oo/ESS%20User%27s%20Manual%20Rev%200.1.pdf?dl=0


<insert wiring/control diagram here>

<insert pictures of Controller box here>


VFD manual

VFD wiring diagram:


Axis to XLR Connectors

Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 4 Pin 5
Motor to Male XRL Yellow Blue Green Red
Cabling (Female XLR) White Black Green Red
KStep B- B+ A- A+

Something else

I'm sure I'm missing something here. Feel free to add/nuke/delete things as needed.