Anchor Building

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Where it is

Our space is in the Camp Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati. Find Us.

We have approximately 3500 square feet in a building called the Anchor Building. The address is 2929 Spring Grove Ave..

How to get access

Members get a code for the keypad on the front of the building so they have 24/7 access. The back doors can only be opened with a key. To see if there is someone at the space, visitors can try calling the 513-591-2929. Also, you can check out the Hive13 webcam to see if anyone is there.


After 6pm you can park on the street. There is also a small parking lot directly off of Spring Grove towards the south end of the building. Do NOT park behind the building where the loading dock is. Those spots are reserved for residential tenants. aerial view showing parking areas


See Floorplan.


Photos of Hive13 can be found at Hackerspace Photos.