Annual Meeting 2010

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The Annual Meeting is when we make some of the important yearly corporate decisions. The events of the Annual Meeting are driven mainly by the Bylaws.

The 2010 Annual Meeting is currently scheduled for July 6, 2010. Please refer to that page for the record of the meeting after it has taken place.

This page is to plan for the meeting in a way that is independent of the date, in case the date were to change.


For the Annual Meeting a quorum has to be two-thirds of the existing membership as opposed to the normal simple majority.


Annual Reports

Budget / Financial Report



Board of Directors

  • 3 positions to fill


  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer

Bylaw Amendments

Votes to Pass

The bylaws have two contradicting statements with regard to the number of votes required to pass amendments to the bylaws. One statement (in the Annual Meeting section) states that amendments must be passed by two-thirds majority. In another place (the Amendments section) it states that amendments have to be passed by a simple majority. It would make sense to pass an amendment that clarifies this language and removes the contradiction before moving on to passing further amendments.

Other Resolutions