Annual Meeting 2011

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The 2011 Annual Meeting has been scheduled for July 19, 2011.

This page is to plan for the meeting in a way that is independent of the date, in case the date were to change.


For the Annual Meeting a quorum has to be 50% of the Membership. Bylaws changes must be passed by at least two-thirds of those present.


Annual Reports

Budget / Financial Report



Board of Directors

  • 5 positions to fill
  • Each voter gets three votes
  • Candidates:
    • Dave Menninger
    • Craig Smith
    • Chris Davis
    • Chris Anderson
    • Jason Bailey


  • President
    • Candidates:
      • Dave Myers
  • Treasurer
    • Candidates:
      • Craig Smith
  • Secretary
    • Candidates:
      • Chris Anderson
      • Paul Vincent
  • Chief Technology Officer
    • Candidates:
      • Chris Anderson
  • Chief Operations Officer
    • Candidates:
      • Chris Davis

Bylaw Amendments

  • Dave Menninger will be hopefully writing a few de-crufting amendments to streamline the bylaws. Targets include:
    • re-wording the names of the membership types
    • eligibility requirements for being an officer (and board members)

Amendment #1

The section of the Bylaws regarding officer eligibility which currently reads:

"In order to be eligible to be nominated, a person must be Member as defined earlier in these bylaws for six consecutive months. For the initial election of officers, or in any replacement election during the six months after the initial election of officers, a person must be a founding member in order to run for office."

will instead read:

"In order to be eligible to be nominated, a person must be a Member as defined earlier in these bylaws for three consecutive months."

Amendment #2

Other Resolutions