Annual Meeting 2022

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The 2022 Annual Meeting has been scheduled for July 23, 2022.

Location: Hive13, 2701 Spring Grove Ave Time: 12 noon potluck, 2 PM EDT business meeting

Place: Hybrid for Annual Meeting

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [513-760-6776|+1 513-760-6776] and enter this PIN: 863 676 973#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


For the Annual Meeting a quorum has to be 50% of the Membership.


Annual Reports

Budget / Financial Report



Board of Directors

  • 5 positions to fill
  • Candidates:
    • Dave Velzy
    • Paul Vincent
    • Chris Davis
    • Chris Hodapp
    • Kevin McLeod


  • President
    • Candidates:
      • Kate Cook
  • Vice President
    • Candidates:
      • Paul Picton
  • Treasurer
    • Candidates:
      • Jim Dallam
  • Secretary
    • Candidates:
      • Jack Margeson
  • Chief Technology Officer
    • Candidates:
      • Ryan Anderson
  • Chief Operations Officer
    • Candidates:
      • John Clark

Bylaw Amendments

Amendment #1

  • This proposal is to establish a Board of Elections in order to conduct elections in a way that minimizes conflicts of interest.

The proposed bylaws change adds a fifth clause to bylaws section 4.6 "Voting":

5. For a vote of the Membership, the Directors shall appoint a three-member election committee, responsible to deploy the vote of the Membership, tally the votes and present the results. The committee members shall not be nominated for positions in the vote or have personal relationships with those nominated.

Amendment #2

  • This proposal codifies the position currently known as Vice President in the bylaws as "Chief Membership Officer".

The proposed bylaws change inserts a new section at 7.7:

7.7: Chief Membership Officer

  1. The Chief Membership Officer serves as the primary people person ensuring members have a positive experience.
  2. The Chief Membership Officer shall coordinate new member recruitment, orientation, mentoring, and outreach programs.
  3. The Chief Membership Officer shall facilitate communication between members.
  4. The Chief Membership Officer shall solicit feedback on all aspects of this Corporation.

Amendment #3

  • This proposal removes hardcoded references to monetary amounts from the bylaws.

The proposed bylaws change does the following:

Under 3.1.1 "Student Member"

  • (a) Student Members shall have the rights and responsibilities of Full Members; and
  • (b) Valid school credentials must be verified by a member of the Board of Directors (the Board) or an Officer; and
  • (c) Dues shall be $13.37 per month.

Under 3.1.2 "Full Member"

  • (d) A Member may apply for a single complimentary membership per approval by the Board. This person must complete an application, be over 18 and is typically a family member, spouse, or other domestic partner. This membership will remain active as long as the primary membership is maintained; and
  • (e) Store a reasonable amount of equipment at the physical workspace; and
  • (f) Dues shall be $50 per month.

Under 3.1.3 "Cornerstone Member"

  • (a) Cornerstone Members shall have all rights and responsibilities of Full Members; and
  • (b) Dues shall be $100 per month.

Under 3.6 "Dues"

  • 1. The first months dues shall be the full amount of the then current specified dues.above in the Members Section of these bylaws.

Under 3.7 "Warden Members"

  • 1. Wardens are active Members who want to become experts of Hive13 and lead the Hive13 mission. Wardens are able to effectively offer advice, teach users how to properly and safely use the machines, maintain the space, and directly request replacements or improvements to items in the space. The increased responsibility of these Members comes with the benefit of a discount off of the Membership fee Along with the COO, Wardens have and direct access to funds budgeted for improvement of the space.
  • 3. Warden Budget. The Warden Budget shall be allocated each month for maintenance, repair, and minor improvements to the hive’s workspaces and equipment. The COO and Wardens with counsel from the Treasurer will prepare a Warden budget for Board approval. The Board will submit the approved Warden budget for member vote. A total of $250 is allocated each month to the Warden Budget, in addition to the discounted membership given to the Wardens. Wardens have direct access to request parts and consumables for the Hive out of the Warden Budget. The COO shall approve all purchase requests and present receipts with a monthly summary to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Under 3.7.4 "Eligibility, Discount, and Appointment"

  • (b) Wardens are eligible for a discount of one hundred percent (100%) of dues for Student Members and fifty percent (50%) of dues for any other Membership class;

Other Resolutions