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|[[Metal Working]]/[[Small Tools]]/[[Dirty Room]]/[[Millermatic 211 Mig Welder|Welding]]
|[[Metal Working]]/[[Small Tools]]/[[Dirty Room]]/[[Millermatic 211 Mig Welder|Welding]]
| [[ User: Kschuler | Kevin Schuler ]]  
| [[ User: Kschuler | Kevin Schuler ]]  
|[[Fab_Lab|Digital Fabrication Lounge]] ([[Design Resources|CAD]]/[[Gigabot|3D]] [[Polar 3d|Printing]]/[[Laser Cutter|Laser cutters]])
|[[Fab_Lab|Digital Fabrication Lounge]] ([[Design Resources|CAD]]/[[Gigabot|3D]] [[Polar 3d|Printing]]/[[Laser Cutter|Laser cutters]])
| Mike Horwath
| [[ User:Mike_Horwath | Mike Horwath ]]

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Area Wardens, Membership Proposal I

Below is information from the "Area Wardens Action Plan" approved for a three month test run starting January 2015.


Area wardens are active members who want to become experts of a ward and be looked up to as the representation of the hive mission. Area wardens are able to effectively offer advice, teach users how to properly and safely use their machines, maintain their space, and directly request replacements or improvements to items in their space. The increased responsibility of these members comes with the benefit of a reduced membership fee and direct access to funds for improvement of the space.

Current Area Wardens

Area Warden
Machining Area (CNC routers, milling machine) Brad Walsh
Woodworking Andrew More
Metal Working/Small Tools/Dirty Room/Welding Kevin Schuler
Digital Fabrication Lounge (CAD/3D Printing/Laser cutters) Mike Horwath
Lounge Will Bauer
Kitchen Area Nancy Graven
Electronics Area Lorin Parker


The COO has the responsibility of managing area wardens and their financial capabilities. The COO will be responsible for ensuring that area wardens are respecting their ward of responsibility. If an area warden steps down for any reason, the COO will be responsible for filling their slot. Additionally, the president and head warden will be responsible for purchase and approval of funding for consumables/replacements from the warden budget allocated by the membership.


A total of $250 will be allocated by the membership for each month of the 3 month area warden trial period in addition to the compensation given to the wardens. Area wardens will have direct access to a spreadsheet for requesting parts/consumables for their area out of this budget. The COO or head area warden will make the decision whether these will be purchased from the warden budget or should be voted on by the hive membership at the regular meeting. Items will then be purchased by the COO or head area warden and the monthly summary will be presented to the board at each board meeting for approval and reimbursement to the president.

The spreadsheet containing all requested purchases is located here:


Area wardens will be compensated 50% of dues for full members and 100% of dues (one dollar membership for technical reasons) for student members.


Area wardens are to:

  1. Post a picture with a quick summary of who they are as well as a name two or three reliable methods of contact in the case of questions or equipment failure
  2. Ensure that their space is kept clean (proactively and reactively)
  3. Equipment is reasonably maintained
  4. Consumables/parts are replenished through the warden budget
  5. Hold an open house once a month at which the warden is present for a 3-4 hours if members want to learn or receive help on a particular machine in their ward.
  6. Provide feedback on how to improve the warden system.

Bylaws Addendum

The official documentation of an Area Wardens rights and responsibilities can be found in the Bylaws Warden Addendum.