Aug 14, 2012

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Coffee Emporium meeting notes

Ongoing Business

New Business

  • Do we want a glass fronted display fridge? (Soda Fridge) Picture Here ~Paul
  • Tuesday meeting reboot - discussion in lounge after meeting ~cjdavis
  • Bylaws cleanup ~cjdavis


  • Dave Myers
  • Emily Siener
  • Chris Davis - Motor Controller for Cin-D Lou
  • Rick's Dad - Steve, son Drew(Guest)
  • Rick - Electric Motorcycle, Installing w
  • (Guest)
  • Jordan
  • Paul Vincent - Worked on the CNC Mill
  • Jason
  • Chris Anderson - Fixing firewall hardware
  • Brandon (Shadoxx) - Car stereo powered by ATX powersupply
  • Bill Steele - Teaching people to makerbot
  • Jim - Want someone to help w/ the makerbot
  • Pat Callahan -(Guest) Painting for wife
  • Dan - (Guest) Came to learn
  • Charles - (Guest)
  • Tye Scott - Sending phone text w/ microcontroller
  • Dave Menninger - Wants assistance w/ designs for nursery
  • Dave Myers - Needs someone who can be the president
  • Tricia - ChrisA. Wife - Learned how to Tye
  • Rebecca - (Guest) Held a Tie Dye Party


  • Jim - Wants to do crazy introductions
    • Introduction Success
  • Summary of Board Meeting
    • See Meeting Minutes
    • Went to 2nd Sunday downtown after the board meeting
    • Talk to Dave Myers about joining a discussion
  • Tuesday Meeting Reboot
    • Try to think about how we do Tuesday night meetings
    • Ideas on rearranging things
    • Discussion in Lounge after meeting
  • Bylaws Cleanup
    • Chris Davis, google doc
  • Chris Anderson
    • More craft oriented items, Chris's wife Rebecca wants to do a class series on her craft stuff.
    • Jewelery & Craft items
    • Get the word out to other people
  • Jim
    • 2nd Tuesday guest speaker program, starting in Fall, 9/11.
    • First speaker, Chris Rife, and Darren Myr, Star Wars prop fabricators
    • R2 D2 Droids, and various props
    • Field Trip Committee?
      • Cincinnati Neon Sign Museum as a desired destination
      • Can get a tutorial on neon glass Signs
    • More Group Projects Started
      • Handful of ideas
      • Legacy Members that travel a lot during the week
      • Make a telepresence during meeting
  • Brandon
    • His job is looking for an employee to do software stuff. "Field Software Engineer"
  • Dave Myers - Absolutely can not come to the Tuesday Meetings after 9/11