August 19, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Dustin will be reinstated, Liz is banned from the space but can still be a member. Not allowed on property anymore.
  • Tiff's brewing talk will be postponed until further notice.
  • PowerSeries Racing
 Jim ordered seats that were incorrect size
 Body will be a Minecraft Pig
  • Tool posts have been purchased and need to be setup in space
  • Website design in progress, desktop view and mobile view in works

New Business

  • TIG vs MIG welder discussion on mailing list. Demand exists for TIG welding at space.
  • Jim S. proposes 'Tool Searching Committee', with funds set aside to purchase items as they come up on CL/eBay/etc. Will put proposal on mailing list and will be voted on next week.
  • Ryan - Microcontroller Monday moved to bi-weekly
  • Julian - Shapeoko needs clamping mechanism, volunteered to spearhead the project.
  • Bill - only 25W laser, not as powerful as old laser, originally an engraver. Will cost money to recharge tube. Will need to "circumvent" safety features for MOAR POWER. May make more sense to buy a new laser entirely if cost to fix up exceeds or comes close to cost. Will upgrade laser to 40W probably. Need to tie into existing ventilation system.
  • Daniel M. - ventilation welding room, power issues need to be resolved (keeps popping circuits). Need electrician on call to work on power issues in welding room and fab lab. We're growing!
  • Mike - DIYBio in lounge after meeting [FREE BEER!]

New Members


  • shadoxx
  • Nathan - Visitor
  • Franklin - new wireless charging station from Japan
  • Coy - mad at shadoxx for stupid stuff
  • Joseph - working on website design
  • Bill - worked on new laser
  • Mike - Battleship's project
  • Brad - done nothing at all
  • Sam - Visitor
  • Patrick - Visitor
  • Daniel - bought house, made Minecraft pig
  • Ryan - Welding on CNC, laser moved to fab lab
  • Tiffany - PREGNANT
  • Chris - fermented stuff, stabilizing wormholes
  • Matt - DIYBio stuff, yeast, built a 3d printer
  • Jon - Hive13 art project
  • Jim D - picked up new laser from Delhi
  • Dave - moving son to Florida
  • Julian - designed dc motor housing thing
  • Jim S - battlebots, powerseries racing, life. needs a haircut
  • Ben - rebuilt server thing
  • Jason - fixed bike, worked on prison hooch
  • Andy - school project
  • Dave B - late arrival