August 26, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Jim S - Tool Searching Committee not put to vote, postponed to next week
  • Julian - Shapeoko update?
  • Ventilation for welding room

New Business

  • Lathe cleaning, Bill will be bringing in a parts cleaning setup. Needs new bearings.
  • Updated requirements for welding, looking for volunteers to teach a welding class. Possible RFID security system for locking out welder plug.
  • Matt Cox, possible to teach welding class. Daniel's friend also a possibility.
  • Certification for welding equipment, need a concrete system to know who can use the system and who can't
  • Will, wanting to hold a NERF Gun modding class. Possibility of $5 donation to space.
  • Maybe open house in October, a month after Makerfaire. Need volunteers.

New Members


shadoxx - avoided rain storms Joseph S - made things Ellie - Started @ UC Engineering Dave Jon M Jim D Julian Brent James - powerseries, teaching RaspberryPi class John - back from vaca [welcome back!] Will - back from Iowa [welcome back!] Dark Ian - speed problem on radio, new rpi Dan M - modeling (3d printing), nerd stuff Dave M - lasercut, being an adult Josh (Guest) Ian W - middle of nowhere ohio Jon - building powersupply Katie - out of town, coded Tiffany - STILL PREGNANT!, helped Mike with battleship stuff, working on nursery Matt S - printed lego Mike - made battleships, nursery Chris H - fermented and studied maths Bill - started new 3d printer project Coy - not mad at shadoxx anymore, fixed media centers Ryan - amnesia for past week, extension cable for welder Jon Matt - new water heater, other stuff long week


  • Julian - Shapeoko clamp, vote next week
  • Ryan - CNC update, resuming welding of frame now that we have an extension cable
  • Matt - needs space to clean up the parts for the lathe, kerosene bath. needs new bearings
  • Bill - bringing in metal parts cleaner for lathe
  • Area wardens conversation happening in September, people need to clean up, empty trash cans
  • Jim D - Big check for selling printer! Woo!