August 5, 2014

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Previous Meeting: July 29, 2014 Meeting Procedure Next Meeting: August 12, 2014


Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Elections--votes are in!
  • Kenton county library night happened
  • Space stuff--tool posts, etc?
  • Area wardens
  • DIY-Bio meetup after meeting today
  • Power Series Racing

New Business

  • Next week--2nd Tuesday talk, beer brewing--tiffany!
  • Hackathon tomorrow (8/6/14) to work on new wobsite.

New Members

New Full Members
Matthew Zeitz
New Contributing Members
Mary Heinrich


  • Ian--"just Ian"
  • Johny (visitor)*
  • Jacob (visitor)
  • Chris--fermented
  • Jason--worked too much
  • Joseph
  • Jim (new president)--got microfridge working
  • Tiffany
  • Mike
  • Franklin
  • Jordan--arduino
  • Ryan--new CTO. finished gigabot 3dprinter stand!
  • Dustin--hive webpage migration
  • Katie--visitor
  • John--"apiary" display
  • Matt--new member!
  • [sorry didnt get name]--visitor, new Da Vinci!
  • Dave
  • Will
  • Daniel--3D printing
  • Elly--moved out of parents house
  • Bill--was on vacation! --fixed printer!
  • Brandon AKA Shadoxx--LED display--new SECRETARY
  • Coy--3d printed a few things
  • Melody--visitor--hoping for help with security prlbme
  • Marvin--back from Jamaica! helped with shapeoko. will do demonstration after tonights meeting.
  • Savanna--worked with 3D printer


  • Votes are in, Congrats to the new officers!
  • The following members have been elected to the board:
Dave Blundell
Dave Menninger
Jim Dallam
Daniel Mcnamara
Ian Wilson
  • The following are the officers:
Jim Shealy
Ryan Hershey
Jon Neal
Brandon Wooldridge
Jim Dallam
  • As secretary, Shadoxx is instituting themes for meetings
    • next week is Hawaiian shirt week
  • Area wardens--no new developments, Jim talked about it a bit.
    • managers for areas, contacts for issues that pop up
    • responsible for getting people to pick up their area.
    • potential membership discount incentive.
    • probably more on this next week.
  • Mike--DIYBIO interest meetup after today's meeting, in lounge.
  • Power series racing!
    • asking for $750 budget.
    • email vote happened during past week.
    • shadoxx--set aside an official work day each week to get stuff done.
      • Thursdays?
    • Good project for Hive--Firm deadline, and road trip.
    • vote happens, vote passes.
  • beer brewing 2nd tuesday talk next week!
  • Hackathon TOMORROW for Hive13 website.
    • Shadoxx has design in mind, but wants Input and Group Effort.
    • at the end of tomorrow, we should have skeleton page we can build the site off of.
    • website taking precedence over marketing video for time being.
    • anytime ~5:00 on--come and code.
    • some discussion of coffeescript etc
  • Tiffany--Fish in bathroom is creepy. Take it down plz.
  • Marvin--doing demo on the shapeoko after meeting!
  • Marvin--Makerfaire--expecting a reply for registering booth
    • it seems they have not gone out yet.
  • Hive13 will have a booth at the maker faire. let us borrow your cool stuff to go on dipslay!
    • indoor booth, at the museum center.
  • Jim Space improvement--whiteboard with brainstorming of Hive improvements
    • idea--weekly or biweekly "focus on X part of the space" during Tuesday meetings
  • Jim--not OK to talk about members behind their backs.
    • If you have conflicts with a person, talk to Jim!
    • we are growing...need to make sure our social/personal factors are not causing problems