Barudan Embroidery Machine 15 Needle

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Owner/Loaner: Sean Polete
Hive13 Asset Tag: HV0286
Make/Model: Barudan 15 BEDT-ZQ 501 Embroidery Machine (google)
Arrival Date: March 2022
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: Yes
Contact: Sean Polete
Floorplan: Sewing Area


The Barudan 15 BEDT-ZQ 501 is a 15 Needle embroidery machine. See File:Barudan Manual 7146569.pdf for more information.


Please contact User:Sean Polete via SLACK to get a better idea of the certification process for this machine. Certification requirements are at the discretion of the Craft & Sewing Warden.

Note: The embroidery machine specifically uses embroidery thread and it uses prewound bobbins. Do not wind your own bobbin. Especially DO NOT wind a bobbin from embroidery thread. Cheap embroidery thread is still 3-4 times as expensive as regular thread. If the thread tension is properly set for the bobbin & upper thread the bobbin thread should not be visible on the right side of the fabric.

Embroidering Custom Design

This Reddit post has a lot of information that I found useful:

Step by Step Custom Lettering

Here's how to do custom lettering:

  1. With Inkscape, add the Ink/Stitch extension to Inkscape.
  2. In a new Inkscape window, go to 'Extensions --> Ink/Stitch --> Lettering, and a window will pop up.
  3. Add your text, select your font, size your text box, and then save the file as a .dst file to a USB thumb drive.
    • Note: USB Drive must be FAT32 formatted.
  4. Then, follow the instructions in the manual to embroider from a USB file.
    • Note: The proper steps to set up the machine will need to be followed before starting the job.

Other Software

What do I do if I screw something up?

First, don't worry. Failing, learning, and trying again is a critical part to the creative process.

Second, contact User:Sean Polete and discuss what the next steps should be.


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