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Hive13 Project
Bezier Spline Arc-Fitting Script
Status: Active
Start Date: 2014-08-01
End Date: ?

A script, currently targeting QCAD, to convert a Bezier Spline exported from Illustrator into a Polyline containing line and arc segments.

There's actually no real reason for this since the approximation by tiny lines of splines is usually enough for a machine to work with, but theoretically conversion to a polyline with arc segments will allow for much less generated G-Code, and I am nothing if not theoretical.


Multitudinous maths coming soon.


Week of 2014-08-18

Made a final push to get the script working. It now successfully produces a polyline through one iteration of arcfitting with no spline splitting. Some curves are approximated pretty well, but particularly eccentric ellipses become lozenges, which is not desirable.

Week of 2014-08-25

Stubbed out guards (They all return false for now.) Figured at this point I should just convert it to coffeescript, which is morally and technically superior to javascript, and punt it over to github instead of dropbox.