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Big Laser 01092016.jpg
Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: G.Weike LC1512 (google)
Arrival Date: 07/2015
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: yes
Contact: Fab Lab area warden
Floorplan: 1A

WARNING: Do not look into laser with remaining eye. Pages to do with the Laser Cutter:


The Big Laser is only available to Hive13 members who have been certified on its use & care. To become certified, you need to take the certification class. Contact us about scheduling one at other times.

Note: The list of certified people is currently out up to date. Please notify a trainer (listed below) if you were accidentally left off the list

Only the following people are certified and permitted to fire the lazzzor:

  • Elly Hall
  • Ryan Hershey
  • Daniel McNamara
  • Tiffany Horwath
  • Tom Meyer
  • Jon Neal
  • Bill Steele
  • Will Stogner
  • Brad Walsh
  • Brett Pipitone


  • Elly Hall
  • Ryan Hershey

To Do

Counter balancing the lid

The pneumatic cylinders on our laser were bad when we received the laser which cause some near accidents when the lid wasn't supported and came crashing down.

Fix yet to be done.

Automate filtration

To be planned

Move/replace filtration

Either move the exhaust fan to a better location or upgrade to actual filtration inside the space (this has some major benefits such as being able to move a lot easier, not exhaust our climate controlled air, helping cut down on rather toxic air pollution outside, actually /cleaning/ the air in the hive which we have issues with).

Work Log

New auto z zeroing sensor (Novemberish 2015)

Replacement sensor is a TL-Q5MC1 inductive sensor. They are commonly available on ebay. We use a 1" aluminum cylinder as our chunk of metal to detect. This is the same setup we use on the smaller Laser Cutter.

new sensor mounted backwards
wiring for new sensor

The picture on the left show approximately how the new sensor is mounted. The sensor had to be mounted backwards AND the bracket had to be mounted backwards so it is out much further than it needs to be.

The picture on the left shows the wiring for the new sensor. Far left (red) is 24V power, middle is the output signal, far right is ground.

The main thing that needs to be done is a 24V line needs to be run to the new sensor. The other two wires are what was used by the old pen style auto z zeroing sensor.

Original auto z zeroing sensor (January 2017)

A replacement original sensor has been added back to the laser, this is a mechanical sensor. During the installation of the sensor it was learned that there is a partial failure in the laser's circuitry. To counteract the failure a pull-up resistor of 330K ohm is added in line between the 24v line and the output line.

Laser Wiring Information Table
Laser Side Red Purple Blue
Sensor Side Brown Black Blue
Location Left Center Right
Function 24v Output Ground
pull-up Resistor 330K Ohm n/a

New auto Z Settings February 2017

16.5 is the setting we want to use for Org-OffsetLength in the Easycut 5.3 software. The distance from the top of the material to the point the sensor triggers is 1.114". The OriginOffSetLen setting within the syscfg_biglaser.ini file needs to be set to 16.5