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**[ OneSource Strategic Planning Process]
**[ OneSource Strategic Planning Process]
**[ Hive13 Strategic Planning outline for 2022]
**[ Hive13 Strategic Planning outline for 2022]
*Budget Planning.
**Budget Planning.


*start time: 7:35pm
*start time: 7:35pm
*end time:
*end time: 8:40pm

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**two racks for project space next?!
**two racks for project space next?!
*Too much stuff disappearing
*Too much stuff disappearing
**just need to keep making the posts (and posters)  
**just need to keep making the posts (and posters)
**the "missing children" posters were a good idea
**the "missing children" posters were a good idea
*Strategic Planning
*Strategic Planning

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Board Meetings
Previous: March 14th, 2022 Meeting Procedure Next: May 9th, 2022

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:




  • Kayla is overwhelmed and resigned


    • Member designs did not get enough orders so it will not be put in. You live and you learn.
    • Pride stuff will be addressed at our next meeting (4/20/22)
      • Pride13 stickers from Kayla L.!
        • She's not stoked about any of them so far but is gonna keep fucking around!
        • Please let Kostas P. know if you need help.
    • BLINK installation planning is underway! Thank you Will B. and Ryan A.!
    • Kayla L. is taking the reins and getting speakers!
      • Been corresponding with members individually to figure out what days do and don't work for them.
      • Planning on getting some stuff going after easter since many people are visiting family at that time.
      • A good amount of people have agreed!
        • Multiple people have a variety of topics they can cover, some more specialized ones include cosplay&fish, spotlights on Precious Plastic & nomad design shop & chameleon crafts, beekeeping, making musical instruments, raising feral cats, picking the perfect gift and many more!
    • Kostas P. can run tech and is happy to train others.
    • More digital content! Woo!
    • Jackson B. is taking on our mentorship program!
      • Debut 4/20/22 at the Outreach meeting.
    • New member kits in the design process.
      • Lisa C. made a super cool laser/cross stitch project for it.
      • Bare minimum: safety glasses, a "guide to the Hive" packet, some form of Hive13 merch?
        • Kayla note here: Suggestions for "guide to Hive" - simple maps (light switches, dumpster, first aid, etc), reminder of alarm schedule, what to do if you trigger the alarm, contacts on leadership (I believe both John and I gave the a-ok to throw our numbers around)
    • First day - week - month - 6 months - year guide in process
      • Yay more wiki pages /s
    • Kostas P. has been struggling with this and is so grateful for help from new member Jack M.!
      • Memes, graphics, and trend analyses coming soon.


March 2022 numbers are in and it is fun to announce good news. Consider the following as a BRIEF SUMMARY:

  • Membership is up by a net of 8 souls (from 146 to 154) which is an ALL TIME HIGH!
  • Membership income is up from $5,697.62 last month to $6,637.73 for March but this includes a $600 lump-sum membership payment bump that will be held in reserve and decremented over the 12 months.
  • Our March 2022 "Fixed Expenses" (Rent, Insurance, PP Fees, Warden Budget and MRO vote) were $6,632.07. Our landlord was late cashing our February $2,875.00 rent check last month. That amount was held reserve and now two rent payments are in this March 2022 total.
  • Our March 2022 "Discretionary Expenses" were $1,173.33 for membership vote reimbursements.
  • We started the month with $34,343.17 in operating funds and ended the month at $33,326.35.
  • Of this ending balance, $23,910 is "encumbered funds" (for the 6-month rainy day reserve, lump-sum membership pre-payments, AC Fund Drive unspent balance, and budgeted-but-not-yet-spent membership votes).
  • We have a current allowance of $9,416 available for discretionary purposes.

The open finance site has also been updated.

Know I have finally made some real progress this past month towards building a parallel accounting via QuickBooks Online Plus (QBO+). There is nothing to officially publish yet, but I have reconciled the PNC Main account records from January 2020 to March 2022. The PayPal account records are a bit more complex but that is the current task. I will also be finalizing the Ohio Attorney General annual filing and the Federal 990 annual filing in the next weeks before the May deadlines.


Hot Crafts


Other issues

  • Emergency Contact
    • Sheet has been shared on leadership drive by John.
    • Kayla has not done further action.
      • Will do so. Has been exhausted
    • John also has a lot to do yet.
  • Leadership contact list
    • Post with phone numbers and other contact info
  • Running low on member storage spots
  • Clutter
  • Too much stuff disappearing


  • start time: 7:35pm
  • end time: 8:40pm


Heath B.

Kayla L.

Kostas P.

Dax K.

Dave V.

John C.

Chris D.

Kate C.

Chris H.

Paul V.



  • We will need to drum up support to help pick this back up
  • Paul Picton might be interested. Should we inquire with him?
  • Kayla's intent is to transition responsibility as more people are engaged
  • Chris expresses his caution in that there has been no discussion about the $12,000 kitchen vote.
    • we should schedule more meetings (Dax's point) to keep interest going and discussion active)
  • Kayla to also follow up with Malcolm about the free cabinets.
  • Kitchen vote has been removed from the agenda tomorrow for vote
  • Dave V. has mentioned that there is a lot of merit in doing this in "sections"


  • Next committee meeting is on 04/20/22 (April 20, 2022).



Hot Crafts


  • there is a lot to discuss. See the link posted above for what was discussed.
  • There are proposed changes to the Warden's section of the bylaws and essentially rewrite how wardenship is handled.
  • Should wardens get their discount?
    • board members and leadership operate without a discount. Is wardenship different?
  • this is **discussion**.
  • This should be discussed with the current wardens

Other Issues

  • Running low on member storage spots
    • open up top shelf?
    • time to start considering expanding into the dungeon?
    • two racks for project space next?!
  • Too much stuff disappearing
    • just need to keep making the posts (and posters)
    • the "missing children" posters were a good idea
  • Strategic Planning
    • $1500 bucks (depending on Velzy's negotiation skills)

Asset Tracking

Strategic Planning


Follow up!

  • Contact paul picton about handling the kitchen buildout
    • Jim will follow up on wednesday or thursday if he hasn't been contacted before then
  • Kayla (or someone involved with the kitchen committee) to reach out to Malcolm about the free cabinets
  • Chris D. and Dave V. to handle getting the form emailed to people