Board Meeting - April 13, 2015

Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting April 13 2015

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Monday May 11th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Purgatory first!
  • area warden budgeting
  • feedback and critique of area wardens
  • Power series, Kansas city end of June, Detroit end of July. What level of hive presence at these fairs?
  • Finances
  • Moving infrastructure (Ryan)
    • Approved
  • laser cutter
    • Approved
    • Need people to help procure this.
    • Jim D - Any progress on trying to sell the accuris laser cutter?


  • Jim S.
  • Dave M.
  • Dave B.
  • Dave L.
  • Jon N.
  • Dustin
  • Daniel
  • Elly
  • Ian


  • Jon took a picture of the purgatory to send out to the list.
  • Area Warden review discussion
    • The good:
      • Things done regularly
      • Improved Kitchen
      • More Mailing List Updates
      • Improved space organization
    • The bad:
      • Need better accountability
      • Inconsistent participation (fablab)
      • Budget needs better definition
      • Better Area Warder training/ensure comprehension
      • Need open to public houses?
      • Head warden to manage warden/reduce overhead
      • More Classes
      • Make budget public
    • What happens if warden/officer spends something that they shouldn't?
      • Membership would have to deal with that via vote.
    • System needs to be in place for transitioning area wardens. (Dave B may have been confused about how wardens are chosen. No vote goes on so it isn't a messy change. The head of wardens just picks a new person).
    • Need to update membership addendum for new "class" of membership by the area wardens.
    • Should the wardens still be under president? Makes a lot more sense for them to be under COO. The COO can also resolve space disputes if they appear while the president can't really.
  • Power Series:
    • KC in June
    • We should have some type of "Media" presence for hive13 -- documenting the hive's presence
    • How involved big do we want to be? Just get some t-shirts?
  • Power tool drag racing
    • Does Jim D need any help with this? Electronics replaced, board replaced?
  • Finances
    • $28,000 in bank
  • Infrastructure stuff:
    • Ryan started moving stuff over last weekend
    • Progress is moving
    • Joeseph is working on a new design (Yay! Bootstrap!)
  • Laser Cutter
    • We need to sell one of the laser cutters prior to acquiring a new one
    • Rabbit laser is willing to either donate a laser or give a percent off depending on which one we would want.
    • Fundraising - We originally sold minutes for 25c/min to raise money for the original laser cutter. Let's do this again!
  • How do we get people to document more stuff at the hive?
    • Quarterly grants like lvl1 does?
    • Give people $50 once a year if they do a neat project?
    • Elly is going to organize a day once a month to work on the wiki/documenting stuff/blog posts.