Board Meeting - April 13th, 2020

Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 971-301-5873 and enter this PIN: 429 942 977#


Equipment Divestment Policy/Procedure - (Kevin M. action)

Asset labels out - have wiki pages that need replaced with template

Privacy Policy

Bylaws and Membership Agreement - Are we ready to adopt with the changes discussed?

Should all members be given a email, 30G of drive space and access to initiate Google Meet meetings as a privilege of membership?

Move Status; Lease has been agreed. First rent to 2701 now due August 1.


Equipment Divestment - Kevin has no motivation to work on it, probably won’t till after the move, little motivation for much else (even though we are stalled)

Asset tags - Kevin got some effort inot the first 3-4, got a category/template partially set up. Drew may be able to finish it out, he will see. New stuff Kevin brought in to new hive doesn’t yet have tags, Kevin will make list of what was brought in. We need to set up a place people can grab tags and write in things that need added to the wiki/digital list. Need someone to flesh out asset tag section on parking tag page on wiki.

Privacy Policy - not much progress since COVID, drew reviewed draft, likely need to take a few things out. Put in google doc, let’s collab

Bylaws and membership agreement - let’s make this a part of getting set up as “new hive”. Let’s post for discussion and get people talking about it, make clear we want only a single bylaws change vote this year, all ideas need to get rolled into that one vote to keep it simple and make sure it has lawyer blessing. We will post for a vote at the annual meeting after discussion.

G-suites, we have no limit on users. Let’s give all members accounts if they want, that’s what it’s for. Advise that it’s for personal and Hive13 use, if a member wants it for another company’s use, they need to pay for it. CTO will be the one to deactivate old accounts for members that have left. There are a few recently active non-member accounts, need to let them know we will be deactivating them.

Move: new landlords are very flexible, they are willing to work with what happens. Need to talk to Earl to get the last day extended. Let’s get quotes from framers and electricians. If the prices are not insane, we should just pay for the work to move forward. Those trades are working during the pandemic, might be our best bet to make the move happen. We also have dropped our expenses to bare minimum, we may have a little extra funds to pay for work

Banter about Will’s ducks and Kevin’s geese