Board Meeting - August 10, 2015

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting August 10, 2015

Next Meeting

Monday September 14th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Purgatory first!
    • Cleaning off purgatory of unwanted things?
  • Transition Items
  • Moving website (Ryan and/or Dark Ian)
  • Hive Education
  • Internship plan for future (Dustin)
  • Hive floorplan redesign (Dustin)
  • Yearly Goals
  • Expense Reports


  • Dave Lear
  • Ryan
  • Ian Blais
  • Ian Wilson
  • Elly
  • Jon
  • Jim Dallam
  • Dustin
  • Will Stogner


  • Purgatory first!1
    • cleaning off purgatory of unwanted things?
    • Elly will sort out things that can be donated.
  • Ryan will dispose of old items and post a fresh picture.
    • cleaning off purgatory of unwanted things?
  • Transition items
  • Ian is reviewing shell server
  • Ian has been granted google app admin access.
  • Moving websites (Dark Ian)
    • No progress yet
    • Dark Ian needs access to the last few items that haven't been shared (mainly DNS)
  • Hive Education
    • Someone needs to spearhead this (Jim will bring it up at the meeting tomorrow)
    • Lorin and Ryan will also take on the general oversight of getting this done
    • intent to have an introduction to making at the hive class towards the end of october.
  • Internship plan for future (Dustin)
    • Dustin's internship ends on August 31 following makerfaire.
    • Lorin had a video design student interested in the position. She has since accepted another internship.
    • Lorin will investigate other possible interns.
    • We should hold an internship post-mortem at the September board meeting?
  • Hive floorplan redesign (Dustin)
    • Saturday Cleanups need specific goals
      • Deport power series racers
      • Review stored hive materials and promote to garden street.
  • Open house date:
    • October 17.
  • Expense Reports
    • Stable membership this year
    • 3 cornerstone
    • Full has grown from 35 to 39
    • student has grown from 18 to 23
    • Ry will attempt to lead vacuum former as member-funded project.
  • Yearly Goals
    • Officer
      • CTO
        • Improving/stabilizing the hackerspaces web presence.
        • Making wiki more accessible to membership in general.
        • Improve visibility of the hive on the web.
      • COO
        • Manage the area wardens better than the previous year. Get wardens to more actively host training classes, updating the wiki, etc.
        • Complete NFC/rfid stuff
      • CEO
        • Hive metrics dashboard - allowing easier understanding of membership and financial trends.
        • Ongoing search for applicable grants.
      • Secretary
        • Goal is to exist
      • CFO
        • Jim will continue to work on reporting.
        • Jim will further explore tax requirements working with Ian's contact Tereina Stidd.
        • Jim will continue PTDR.
    • Board
      • Elly - Apply for a grant at least once a quarter, better adervtising and social media presence
      • Dave - No goal yet
      • Lorin - Increase our educational output. Networking with other maker oriented spaces.
      • Ian W - To not be the hive attorney