Board Meeting - August 13th, 2011

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Board Meetings
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  • Dave Myers
  • Chris Anderson
  • Craig Smith
  • Dave Menninger
  • Chris Davis
  • Jason Bailey
  • Paul Vincent


  • Started at 11:00 am, 8/13/2011

Goals & Objectives

  • Improve long term stability
    • 3 month saving goal met
    • Barely met, and only because half are at $50 and half are at $100
    • Diversity?
      • Met, more students, several women, still need more work
  • Enhance Hive13 Capabilities
    • Negatory
    • Needs much more focus
    • Administrative process & communication
      • Fail, see: Lease
      • Relatively Ad-hoc
      • Office of the president? (Phone number)
      • When this happens, what do I do? (newspaper, asked question)
  • Asset to the community?
    • Hosting more classes & workshops
    • "What is Hive13 class"
      • Fail, did not really happen.
    • Unique Tools
      • Laser cutter, sewing machine, bandsaw
      • Done well, need more
    • Workshops
      • We have had more,

SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths are good


  • Doesn't offer easy opportunities to join ongoing projects
    • What ongoing projects are there? That is the problem
    • Craig: Mame cabinet
    • Bailey: Maybe Hive13 could fund group projects?
    • General Response: What about self funding?
    • Dave M: Funding != commitment to the project.
    • Common: Most group projects are minor 1 person jobs that don't attract attention.
    • Consensus: Using small amount of funds if the project is an improvement to the space,
    • Create funding request form, requires feedback from fundee
  • Expensive & Time consuming - Thus not friendly to more casual enthusiasts
    • Requires you, the user, to provide all the materials.
    • Do group projects address this?
    • Davis: Time demanding? You need to put in a lot of effort to get your projects done.
    • Bailey: Change language of this line.

Board Meeting Agenda Minutes

New Ideas

Dave M.

  • Program Director?
    • Oficer in charge of classes, organizing them, following a procedure.
    • New Position vs. Existing Officer?
    • Mailing List it, bring it up at the meeting.
    • What about Jim? He will need other people to work with him.
  • Recording Classes
    • Make it damn simple, it will get done.


  • Board of directors responsibilities well defined
    • Fund Raising
    • Involvement of the board in fund raising
    • Grow up and be a real non-profit.
  • Donation // Grant Specter
    • Grants, do not want.
    • Donations++
      • Send out millions of donation request letters


  • Laser cutter stuff in place
  • Security? Might not want to consider
  • Maker Fair -

Craig Smith

  • How do we organize, how do we do group projects.


  • Current Space
    • Positives
      • Costs + Size
    • Negatives
      • ... numerous
  • What does LVL1 and Detroit have that we do not.

Missed Actions

Next Actions

  • See above for undocumented.
  • Program Director
    • Contact Jim & Mailing List & Meetings
    • Contact Instructors, set up classes, repeating classes
    • Dave Myers
  • Donation Letter Format
  • Mr. President
    • Keep track of officers.
    • 1st meeting, Officer report in meeting. After "meeting" have officer discussion meeting.
  • Next Meeting: 19th, 3rd Saturday in November, 10:00 am
  • Classes, Organization, Projects