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* Warden positions to fill
* Warden positions to fill
** Metal - Open
** Metal - Open
* OOD to take notes during the Tuesday meeting
* Discord or Slack to replace IRC
* Discord or Slack to replace IRC

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Board Meetings
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  • Review of Action Items from last meeting
  • Open Finance Website updates
  • Membership Status
    • Instead of a monthly report, start a weekly thread
      • E-mail the membership report to the Leadership list to kick off each week's thread
        • Should have delinquent members
        • Discussion about what to do can happen there
        • Automatic notifications would be nice - once intweb handles payments, this should be a thing.
    • Update membership application policies
      • What to do with the new bylaw changes?
      • How long before an application expires?
      • What constitutes progress or continued interest on an applicant's part?
  • intweb
    • What can it do to make your job easier?
    • New features
      • Membership Application
    • Features under development
      • PayPal integration
      • Certifications
    • In the Future
      • Tool Reservation
    • Bug or feature request? Put it on GitHub. See Greg or Ian for help with that.
  • Warden positions to fill
    • Metal - Open
  • OOD to take notes during the Tuesday meeting
  • Discord or Slack to replace IRC
    • It requires too much technical know-how to use
    • The only active members active on IRC are Ryan, Greg, Dark Ian, and sometimes Nancy.
    • Unless there's a technical reason for one over the other, it's probably a coin flip as to which one to use
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture
    • Ordo ex chao
    • Social Events
      • Movie Night
      • Board Game Night
      • Open House
        • At the wardens' meeting, we started putting together a list of what has to be done before an Open House
        • Set a date based on how much time is needed
        • Advertise the hell out of this
          • reddit
          • Cincinnati Discord
          • Made in Camp Week
    • Outreach
    • reddit weekend happenings
    • Classes