Board Meeting - August 18, 2013

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Date: August 18th, 2013

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


  • Board Members
    • Jon Neal
    • Ian Wilson
    • Craig Smith
    • Dave Menninger
    • Tiffany Bell-Horwath
  • Other attendees
    • Mike Horwath (Secretary)
    • Elly Hall


  • Ian: Introduction for the new board members
    • Structure of board meetings fairly informal
    • We will check our mission statement, and whether we are following it
    • Board talks about things and brings up potential changes to the members for votes
    • Board does not make decisions on its own.
  • Ian: mission statement: "The corporation's mission is to promote technology through education and collaboration."
  • Jon: we may not be following the "education" part very well
    • Discussion followed...It would be good to have more training for tools etc
    • Ian: agreed, we need more centralized training.
    • For welder, laser cutter, 3D printing--should have accessible training
    • Formal classes, or self based learning with checkout test, would be OK
    • The more educated the members are, the less damage/maintenance we need to deal with
    • Tiffany: could we have procedures written up and available? Put them on the wiki?
    • Dave: we have a defined curriculum for the laser
      • it's on google docs in the hive13 account
    • Tiffany: we could also do videos. I took one for welding class. We could have some for tools.
  • More discussion followed of options for videos and training.
    • Ian: should this be on the wiki or somewhere else?
    • Jon: not a fan of wiki, annoying markup, wiki is kinda cluttered
    • Whoever wants to do the work, put it up where you want!
    • We need to start asking people who know the stuff to make the tutorials!
    • Jon: video alone is not ideal, content not searchable,
    • Dave: we should follow up at every meeting to get this done.
    • Start with a top 5 list
      • laser cutter: already partly documented
      • Welder
      • 3D printer
      • Wood shop (General)-- focus on table saw+band saw
      • Meta/Man pages for hive--light switches etc
        • where does trash go
        • fridge/kitchen rules
        • how to edit the wiki
        • how to put things on hive google calendar etc
        • hive13 google group--how to deal with it.
        • Who deals with the HIVE13 network and phone system
  • More discussion followed concerning keeping track of membership etc.
    • Ian is implementing a CRM system to keep track of membership and payments
    • Papers are being scanned and put in the system.
    • Ian: Jim has recommended we post up who we are on the wall of the hive. Mugshots of the board etc.
    • Ian: let's get some people listed as contacts for people to call.
  • Ian: we will be making a new key for the breaker room.
  • Conversation about our rental of the anchor building
    • We have a yearly lease.
    • There's still some leaks, even though roof was fixed
    • landlord/mananger is hard to get hold of
      • Garden street bought this building a while back...
      • If Garden street decides to knock down anchor building, we will talk to 3CDC and get a new space!
      • Dave: found the owner of Garden street: Earl Webber 513-721-4660
  • Ian: Buylaws are typed up.

o We let one 16yr old (Allan) become a member, sort of, even though buylaws say 18+ o Consensus was, he should be able to be here with supervision only o He's been here on his own...Solution coming up, card access only, get rid of old door codes. • Jon: we need to increase the $$ coming in to be a techshop-caliber group • Ian: propose to increase the E-LITE membership cost, keep sutdent the same. • Full members get 24/7 access, E-LITEs are supposed to only be here when there's other members. • Open/Close switch is a good indicator. • Ian: increase E-LITE to $25 a month. • We are having some issues with space--for projects and materials o Jon: Pallet racks have been good, we should get more  We could get used ones much cheaper than new.  Make a decent portion of it storage for members.  Could get more big shelves for ~$250 each.  Craig: fix the membership first, then worry about more expenditures.  Only full members will have the space. • Ian: don't want it to become a group of the have and have-nots. o artificial limits not great for community o Jon: make one membership at $50 a month, then allow the "starting artists" to pay less for a full membership. o Some of the E-LITE members only come on Tuesdays to o Tiffany: would rather just bring it up to $25 for now, then evaluate how membership chnages o Board cannot actually change anything by voting o Ian will start this discussion at the next meeting. o Membership addendum can changed without changing bylaws • Craig: TechBus! o Peterbilt will not sponsor us o Potential sponsors will want to know volunteer hours etc. o They typically want a business plan. o What stuff will the bus actually have?  3D printers  Laptops, squid server, wireless  soldering and electronics supplies • extra ventilation for soldering  Raspberry Pie's for multiple student work desks • individual lighting for desks  Sympodium for the teacher. "it rocks"  wheelchair accessible.  full-body skin wrap (for the bus)  No bathroom, no water system. o Ian:  Where are we going to park it? (at the schools all the time)  Who's driving it? Hire a driver, or have people get CDL's? o Targeting the high schoolers. o Secretary (Mike) will help write up business plan o Ian suggested: Scripps Foundation o NSF? USDA? State of Ohio? • Dave: Continuance of Existance Form probably needs to be filled out. o We need to get this sent in between now and next July. • Every year, we need to update who the board is • Do we want to start making some tax-free purchases for the hive? o Digikey, adafruit, etc will give us moderate discounts o In-state