Board Meeting - August 19th, 2019

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Board Meetings
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  • Review Action items
    • Will - Put together board meetings and cleanup schedule for year, send out for approval
    • Dave S. - Write formal family/spouse addendum/membership class for future approval
    • Dave V. - Draft and share email response to request
    • Kevin - Check bylaw changes, next meeting vote to make Github version the official version
    • ALL - Check all new leaders have access to social medias and calendars (Will to make list of relevant ones)
    • ALL - Review for discussion next meeting
    • Dave V. - Take action to confirm we are in
    • Brad - Verify we have a table for Books by the Banks and LTS restock
    • Jim - Post to mailing list asking for Tuesday Talk volunteers
    • Will - Put up leadership chart in lounge
    • Kevin - Update leadership roles page on wiki
  • New Leader Orientation