Board Meeting - August 27th, 2019

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Board Meetings
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Date, Time, and Place

Date: September 9th, 2019 Time: 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM Location: Hive13


  • CTO Nominations
    • Drew Kirkman has self-nominated
    • Vote Timeline?
      • Greg Resigned the August 19th
      • Our Bylaws state that after leader resigns, nominations should remain open for one week.
        • One week from August 19th would be August 26th (past without any nominees)
        • The request for nominations to fill the open CTO position was posted on 8/21/19.
        • VOTE: Should we close nominations on 8/28/19 (one week) or immediately?
      • If only one nomination the nominee runs unopposed. Per bylaws we are obliged to send out a remote voting poll and reach quorum. Bylaws#Elected Officers
  • Proposed vote for termination of the membership of Daniel McNamara
    • Proposal was made on August 21st by two separate members
    • The reasons for proposed termination are:
      • Repeated counts of uncivil behavior towards other members
      • Contributing to creating a toxic environment
      • Behaving in a manner that is counter to the positive nature Hive13 works to cultivate
    • Daniel had been up for termination before the election. We, leadership opted to allow him one more opportunity to be a positive contributor to Hive13. When his latest series of posts digressed into conspiracy theories he exhausted that one last chance.
    • Daniel was notified on August 21st of the proposal and reasons and informed that he may have his opportunity to be heard orally at Hive13 on Tuesday, Aug 27 at 7 PM if he so desires
      • Daniel has responded in an email to that he does not intend to attend his hearing at at Hive13 on Tuesday, Aug 27 at 7 PM. He is still welcome to speak at this board meeting if he changes his mind.
      • Daniel has exercised his opportunity to be heard in writing via emails to both the leadership mailing list and the Hive13 general mailing list.
    • Does any member of leadership have any conflict of interest outside of Hive13 which would prevent them from making a decision on this vote that would be in the best interest of the organization? (record responses in the meeting minutes)
    • At this point in the meeting, give Daniel his opportunity to be heard orally if he so desires.
    • Conduct the vote on membership termination.


9 attendees, Nancy G., Dave S., Scott H., Dave L., Chris H., Will B., Jim D., Dave V., Kevin M.

CTO Nominations:

  • Vote: Close CTO nominations immediately or on Sept. 3rd?
    • Third option: close week after announcment (28th)
    • Present:9 Abstain:0 Immediately:0 Sept. 3rd:2 August 28th:7
    • Result: Close August 28th

Proposal to terminate the membership of Daniel McNamara:

  • Does any member of leadership have a conflict of interest related to this vote? (Yes/No)
    • Nancy G.: No
    • Dave S.: no
    • Scott H.: no
    • Dave L.:no
    • Chris H.: no
    • Will B.: no
    • Jim D.: no
    • Dave V.: No
    • Kevin M.: No
  • Daniel's Opportunity to be heard:
    • Declined to appear, submitted written decline to appear
  • Motion to vote on termination effective immediately, all agree
  • Vote on proposal to terminate the membership of Daniel McNamara.
    • Present:9 Abstain:0 Yes (terminate):9 No (Do not terminate):0
    • Result: Motion passed, Membership terminated effective immediately
  • Additional vote: Ban from premises with the exception of coordinated allowance to pick up property still in the hive
    • Present:5 board members Abstain:0 Yes:5 No:0
    • Result: passed, banned from premise
  • Additional vote: Ban from mailing list
    • Present:9 Abstain:0 Yes:9 No:0
    • Result: passed, banned from mailing list