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**Member Tours & Signup Process
**Member Tours & Signup Process
*General information:
*General information:

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Board Meetings
Previous: July 11th, 2022 Meeting Procedure Next: September 12th, 2022

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Board Meeting improvement

  • Current situation
    • Board meetings are way too packed and rushed in a normal month.
    • This month can be expected to be worse
    • And it’s likely to get worse in the future
  • For this meeting, let’s set a time limit for each agenda item and enforce it.
  • Items that need further discussion can be dealt with after the main meeting.
  • We need to find better ways to deal with this in future meetings and we need to not put this off until “some day”.
    • Do we need a short term committee for this?

New Leader Orientation

  • To be done by new leaders:
    • Get an email if you don't have one.
    • Add your contact details to the Leadership Contacts to the extent that you are comfortable.
    • Conflict of Interest Statements. Please sign and return.

  • Things others need to do:
    • Set to “board” flag in intweb
    • Add to #leadership is Slack
    • Add to #leadership_private in Slack
    • Add to leadership Discourse group
    • Add to #announcements Slack channel
    • Grant access to Hive shared Google Drives
    • Bitwarden access
  • Training:
    • Intweb

    • Member Tours & Signup Process
  • General information:
    • Leadership Communications etiquette
      • ALWAYS thread responses in slack #announcments channel, it's the one channel members can't choose to leave, and only leaders can post in.
        • There are a very few but genuine exceptions. COO will explain.
      • Keep ALL conversation not directly related to a confidential topic out of #leadership_private, if not security/privacy sensitive, all discussion should be in #leadership_discussion.
      • CC on official business emails so others know what is being taken care of and what still needs responses.
      • Where possible use a handle/login that clearly identifies who you are. Your name not you position.
    • Member storage space assignment. Brief explanation.


  • Review Q&A of July numbers as documented on Slack
  • Presentation of annual budget to include Treasurer proposal to fold the $250/month MRO member vote into the $250/month warden budget and add a $100/month increase to become $600/month as just the warden budget going forward.


  • Warden budget now needs to be determined and voted on.
  • Warden discount status.
    • No longer in bylaws.
    • Are we still doing it? Should we?
  • Need for IT/CTO budget.
  • Member votes.
    • Are we changing to the same system that we use for annual elections?


Wardens shall be appointed by the Board and removed, with or without cause, by an act of the Board. The COO is responsible for making appropriate recommendations to the Board for Warden appointments or removal based on the needs of the Corporation.

  • Seems this isn't exactly what has been being done for new warden appointments
  • quick board vote to officially appoint all wardens currently listed on the Area Wardens page?

Discourse for Leadership and Warden emails

  • Discourse seems ill-equipped for handling leadership and warden email
    • HTML messages get broken
    • Reply and CC features break threading of responses
    • Reply formatting is broken, replaces email context with discourse links and styling, does not present cohesive response experience outside our organization
  • Can it be made better? Can/should we switch leadership and wardens emails back to google groups till we figure it out?

Outreach Committee Updates

  • Yeehaw we are hustling 🤠
  • Blink Shenanigans
    • Proposal underway, prototyping/design party this Saturday (Aug 13th 1-5pm)
    • Once again shouting out Hive13 member and sculpture artist Jessica Wolf for having an installation at Blink this year!
      • Hive13 field trip NEEDED to see the installations!
  • MiC
    • Lot activities on lock, Will B. working on fire permits for fire sculpture.
    • Wavepool artist Nate of GloryHole Glassworks partying with us in the lot!
      • Do we have any cones for safety?
      • Check him out at the Wavepool Pool Party from 12-5pm!
    • Moving on to secure people to work buttons, getting chairs, tour guides and inside demo-ers.
  • General hooplah
      • Thanks to the committee input and to Kayla L., Ryan A., Shawn S., and Kostas P. for printing!
      • Estimated cost= $66
      • Actual cost= $13.75!
    • Some other things we want:
      • A table cloth, 2+ metal folding chairs (we can put graphics on them and they are easy to wipe sweat off of), extension cords, camping chairs.
      • Dream items
        • Cooler for outdoor spring/summer events, mini fans, rags for spills and cleanup, etc.
    • Potential fall/winter merch 👀
      • HIVE IS REAL
  • Like, comment, and subscribe gamers see you on the 17th at 7:30pm for the Outreach Committee Meeting!😎


  • AC was never actually designed to handle our space and functions.
    • We got the largest units that would work with our furnaces.
  • Barely keeping up on hot days.
    • Humidity and the heat of the building itself big parts of the problem.
  • Maintenance? Set up annual checkup with AC fund drive reserves?
  • Possible window coverings for the front windows.

Reporting Problems

  • Messes left behind
    • How do we encourage improvement? Preferably continuous improvement.
  • Safety problems
  • Unattended guests

Status of Pending Requests on Intweb

  • 7 pending applications
  • 2 pending storage requests



Discussion Notes

Action Items