Board Meeting - December 10th, 2018

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Board Meetings
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  • Open Finance Website updates
  • Membership Status
    • Now a weekly thread for late payments
    • Update membership application policies
      • Did we succeed last month?
  • Warden positions to fill
    • Metal - Open
  • Buzzkill
  • Open House
  • Long Term Planning
    • Membership Plans for the next 2 years
    • Location Plans for the next 2 years
    • Where do we focus growth? Members? Member Engagement? Capability?
  • Processes and Procedures
    • What can we improve
    • What is tripping us up?
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture


      • Attendees
        • WillB, GregA, JimD, DaveV, IanB, RyanH
        • Belated Nancy Arrival
      • Review of action items
        • Ry - no.
        • Greg - no.
        • Nancy - Not present.
        • Dave - Has put in some work on his five year plan.
      • Open Finance
        • Jim has updated data. Current as of last day of October.
        • Membership is slightly down, and tool purchase expenditures are trending up.
        • Would starving hacker/volunteer rates be of interest? Will has worked at a space that had a 10/hr a month requirement for such rates. There were a limited number of such slots.
          • How many positions?
          • What would the requirements be?
      • Membership Status
        • Recent outreach and social media does seem to be bringing new members onboard to offset this.
        • Two pending applications, Ry to contact.
        • Might we consider reinstituting the Tuesday talks?
          • JimD will seek a Tuesday guest for
      • Open Warden positions
        • Metal
      • Buzzkill
        • Trouble ticketing system is available. See Greg or Ian for access.
      • Open House
        • Generally went well.
        • We had 34 guests.
        • Let's have another in Spring!
          • Start planning in January.
          • Add thoughts to the open house page on the Wiki.
        • Dave reiterates that we need other group activities again.
          • Ry to keep up with 3D Thursday. Which may not be Thursday.
      • Long Term Planning
        • Are we considering moving?
          • What might we do with more space? Need to compile a list that justifies the move.
          • Are we simply adding space and capabilites? Or opening other lines of business?
          • How many active members can the current space sustain?
            • We've had past nights, not super recently, with 30+ people active in the space. There's still quite a bit of headroom.
            • Scheduling conflicts for machinery would be good to have.
          • Where do we focus growth?
            • Social Media, new member engagement.
      • Newsletter
        • Greg sucks. He will try again in December.
        • Greg needs content.
        • Why is this different than a new blog post? Let's just do that.
      • Process and Procedures
        • Ry needs to follow up with pending memberships
        • We need more formal maintenance procedures.
          • Add inventory checks to the Saturday cleanup.
          • Poll wardens for a checklist.
            • Can we use the warden spreadsheet?
      • Jim mentions he may have a CNC mill to loan to the hive.
      • Consider setting up a sewing station.