Board Meeting - December 14th, 2015

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting December 14th, 2015


Old Bidness

  • Purgatory
  • Moving website (Ryan and/or Dark Ian)
    • Backups?
  • Finance
    • Warden Reimbursement
    • Pending Applications
  • Lower cost of laser minutes
  • Hive expansion
    • Grant has been asked about adjustments to lease

New Business

  • How to handle people using tools without permission


  • Dustin
  • Lorin
  • Nancy
  • Ryan
  • Jon
  • Dave Lear
  • Elly


  • Purgatory - Done
  • Finance
    • Pending applications, got two in the last month to go over
    • Warden reimbursement - Jim and Jon finally worked out all of the warden stuff
    • Let's do at least a quarterly transfer out of paypal to make sure we don't build up so much in there again.
    • If we sell large items whoever does the legwork to sell it should get a commission.
  • Lowering cost of laser minutes
    • Done, there is a small bug where people are getting three times as many free minutes as they should
  • Potluck
    • Let's do a potluck the meeting after new years! (jan 5th?)
  • Hive expansions
    • People are worried about workspaces being subletting, which is not allowed in our lease. We're waiting on an opinion from a lawyer and Grant has been asked explicitly.
    • Grant has been asked if we can include an option to renew and a maintenance of property cause.
    • For now we are /only/ voting on renting out the space, not on how to use it.
  • How to handle people using tools without permission?
    • We had someone use a tool without permission when it was VERY explicitly required.
    • Going forward if people use a tool without certification/permission and it ends up broken they bear the responsibility of paying for repairs, or if they can't afford that they need to give back in another way to offset the damages. If these are refused they will be asked to leave.