Board Meeting - December 8, 2014

Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting December 2014 Next Meeting Monday Jan 12th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • money deadlines being implemented
    • Jim has spreadsheet
  • RFID deadlines
  • Dave B getting liz's stuff moved out of the space
  • Grants
  • wiki and member onboarding
  • equipment purchase spreadsheet/budgeting
  • Area Wardens
  • Brandon resigning
  • Member Storage
  • Door website screwed up
  • Bylaws are still screwed up on github


  • Elly
  • Jim Shealy
  • Dave leer
  • Dustin
  • Dave Menninger
  • Dave Blundell
  • Ryan
  • Jon
  • Daniel McNamara
  • Jordan


  • Jim S. will work with Ryan H to move the finance/equipment spreadsheet to the hive google group
  • RFID Deadlines
    • Jon forgot.. again
  • Liz's stuff getting moved out of the space.
    • Dave B has contact, needs to arrange a time which has been comical.
    • Let's tell them that if nothing can be arranged by february that they need to come pick it up.
  • Grants
    • Elly, Jim, Katie haven't made any progress.
    • They should schedule a meeting
  • Wiki and onboarding
    • Let's put it on a digital ocean VPS. We should plan this out a bit more and figure out stuff like backups.
    • Dave will spearhead this and send an email to Ryan, Dave M, and Dark Ian (Blais).
  • Member Storage
    • Jim has free boxes from work to use if we want.
    • Let's bring it up after tomorrow's meeting to see what everyone has to say.
  • Door website screwed up
    • Can't sign up. Gives an error.
  • Brandon resigned
    • We need to take nominations for one week and then have a vote of the membership.
  • bylaws are still screwed up on github
    • Jon will pester Dave M to do this
  • Update bylaws next time to make voting easier?
  • Someone should tell Jim D to cancel our TW internet until we get something figured out.
  • Area wardens
    • We have at least one person signed up for every place besides electronics.

Next Actions

Have another meeting on Jan 12th.