Board Meeting - December 9th, 2019

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Board Meetings
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Date: December 9th, 2019 Time: 7:30 PM


Previous Action Items:

  • Bylaw revision status
  • any?

Family Membership Options

  • Previously voted to write bylaws change to implement two options
    • Make new class for discounted rate that gets spouses full benefits of membership, including vote
    • Add as benefit of membership that spouses are allowed unattended access at no additional fee
  • what do we need to get this implemented ASAP, this is a key step toward inclusivity and expanding our core demographics

Finance Summary

Membership Status

Cleanups and Meetings Schedule for 2020

  • set schedule


  • Probono lawyer 1 is working on our bylaws
    • Draft incoming soonish
    • Info on leadership list
    • Lawyer has info on family member desires
  • Probono lawyer 2 working on waivers and minor stuff
  • Cellar
    • Dave talked to Earl
    • Working on back door and hallway
    • Loading dock getting reinforced and resurfaced
    • Earl maintains that elevator is certified
  • Finance
    • In good shape, near highest balance ever
    • Positive most of this year
  • Vibe
    • Everything feels positive recently
    • Classes doing well
    • Membership is up
  • Marketing
    • Would be super nice to have a marketing person
    • Marketing warden?
  • Membership
    • Pending Apps
      • Matthew Bernath
      • Josh Bonomini
      • Action: Kevin M. to send email to follow up
    • Lapsed payments
      • Most of them are intentional
      • Anyone to follow up?
  • Cleanups and Meetings Schedule for 2020
    • Dave V. to put together dates
    • February not the first