Board Meeting - February 10th, 2020

Board Meetings
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Date: Feb 10th, 2019 Time: 7:30 PM


  • Updates - 10min
    • Laser Damages Compensation - Paul is paying throughout the year. all good
    • Donation Policy - Kevin M. wrote these changes, what now?
    • Need to draft of a Safety checklist. This is just a draft at this time and will be a living document as moving will cause changes, but having something existing will improve us if we move.
    • Equipment Divestment Policy/Procedure - based on gigabot - Kevin M. still has action
      • Shaper - is it Hive13 owned? Hasn't been used since it arrives and tooling for it is hard to find, new router table can do 98% of what the shaper can do
    • Asset label example show off.

  • Business Discussion - the rest of the time.
    • Legal updates on bylaws
    • Move updates and plans, pre-go/nogo for membership vote.


Donation policy - no vote necessary, let’s get it announced (Kevin M. action)

Equipment Divestment Policy/Procedure - (Kevin M. action)

Shaper - let’s divest it, will follow yet to be written procedure

Asset labels out - have wiki pages that need replaced with template

Bylaws and policies:

Lawyer recommendations incorporated keeping things as close to possible to what we currently do.

Clearly states that members may have a linked member who gets full rights of membership.

Role of board: “being responsible for the legal, contractual, and financial, affairs of the corporation” makes the “any policy affecting the organization at large… “ section irrelevant, first part clearly states that the Board has power and responsibility to run the organization. Eliminating 2 would eliminate the potential for someone who has been offended to try and use it as a bludgeon. Dave V. to tell lawyer to go ahead and implement this

Conflict of interest policy - we should just adopt the one provided by the lawyer, it’s good and simple Dave V to post and make official

Code of conduct - the one provided by the lawyer is rather anti-hive, working on a version that is presented as a “membership agreement” post it on wiki, no forcing signature like the lawyer’s one required. Dave V. sent out membership agreement for comment (all: go read and comment, we know we want it shorter), will ask lawyer if it seems good

Need a policies and procedures page on wiki to link all the stuff together. (Action: Drew)

Add more to member application that has some agreements

ID Checks - Dave V. recommends we start doing a Drivers license check to ensure members are who they claim they are. May annoy 2600 old guys base, but it’s becoming necessary (one recent app has made question of some identities, and it was pointed out that two or three member’s info on intweb is not their real identity).

We have been asking people to sign legal documents… we need to be sure they are signing as themselves.

Dave V. is going to consult with legal on how to implement this.

Is it ok that we ask for pictures with application? - Dave V. will ask lawyer

We need a barrier to bylaws votes: 5 people to agree that something should go up for vote - Dave V. to tell lawyer to implement.


Facts: Gillian gone, print shop in, no notice to us. Garden street appears to want us out, we cannot expand here.

We all agree we need to move

New building people have agreed to most things we asked, but we REALLY need the power panels.

Went over all currently known details, most everything looks agreeable

Board/leader Vote: Should we announce the vote to move tomorrow, vote to occur 2020-02-18? Vote would be 7,000 sq. ft. for $2042/month (price agreed upon, still negotiating buildout and exact details). Price lower per square foot. Moving budget $15,000 - based on $2k for moving machines, $6k electrical buildout, $4k walls, $3k kitchen. We have done budget projections, $15k is well below what we could spend on this, but it should be enough to get us moved and operational. There will be a staged moving plan developed, with the intent of keeping as much operational through the move as possible. We will have 3 months of overlap between current space and new space to transition (new place agreed to 3 months deferred rent)

Result: Unanimous Consent, Yes (Nancy not present))