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**Metal Shop
**Metal Shop
***Incoming Shear and Block Bender
***Incoming Shear and Block Bender
***Sandblaster (move next to air comp?)
***Relocate Storage
***Relocate Storage
*** new/old weld tables
*** surface grinder
*** get lathe out?
**Mobile Table Build
**Mobile Table Build
**Seal windows
**Seal windows

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Board Meetings
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  • Review Tasks
    • Ian - Late Payment Reminder E-mails
    • Greg - "Who Signed You Up" field to the application
    • Greg - Open House Slack channel and Wiki Page
    • Will - check for conflicts for Open House date
    • Will - Mailing List notice for Slack
    • Ian/Will - Invite all Members to Slack
    • Greg - Slack invite to intweb for new members
    • Greg/Will - Clean Up Saturday is 2/16/19
    • Schedule Task Day
  • Open Finance Website updates
  • Mailing list approvers
  • Membership Status and intweb
    • PayPal IPN heading to intweb
      • Questions for Cancellation Survey
      • Should members be allowed to link their own accounts? (For multiple people like spouses sharing one membership)
      • Should we let the cycle run out on cancellations?
      • When should we send late-payment reminders?
      • Text for e-mails
        • Welcome to the Hive
        • Your payment is late
      • When should door access be denied to non-paying members? Only at the 3 month end of membership cycle? Or earlier in the cycle?
    • Adding a "Who Signed You Up" field to the application.
  • Project Status
    • Lounge completion
      • Audiovisual
      • Admin Computer
      • Painting
      • Carpet
    • Shapoko
    • Laser Maintenance schedule/plan
    • Metal Mill Replacement
    • Metal Shop
      • Incoming Shear and Block Bender
      • Sandblaster (move next to air comp?)
      • Relocate Storage
      • new/old weld tables
      • surface grinder
      • get lathe out?
    • Mobile Table Build
    • Seal windows
    • Miter Saw Bench
  • Warden positions to fill
    • We need to recruit Wardens in general to build interest and a queue of potential wardens. Better to have than to have not.
    • Make Open positions a topic of Tuesday meetings and a posting on the Google Group / News Letter.
    • Open Positions Metal/Welding, Fab Lab.
    • Encourage participation in clean up Saturdays as learning opportunities.
  • Open House
    • Slack Channel
    • Target April 13 for Spring 2019 Open house.
  • Newsletter - still no actual interest?
  • Slack gaining speed
  • Processes and Procedures
    • What can we improve
    • What is tripping us up?
    • More formal maintenance procedures for all machines in the Wiki.
    • Saturday clean up check lists.
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture
    • Attracting new members and Engaging Members as they Join
    • Finish the new member cycle. We have Seven applications pending. How do we 'close the sale?'
      • Post a signup sheet near certification machines for people to leave contact info on interest to get certified. Mill, Lathe, Welding, CNC, Laser, Training for Table saw. Create more How to Classes - Reduce barriers for some one to get started and do something.
        • Discussion - What base level of skill is prerequisite for certification? Example Outline of prerequisite skills are on the Mill, Lathe and CNC wiki.Concern: If we make simple classes that guide each step, the member may still not have enough training to operate safely without supervision
      • A sample questionnaire has been created for first timers to help with metrics.
    • Create Merch area? Create Bulletin board for cross advert to other groups like an end cap at the end of kitchen island.