Board Meeting - February 12th, 2018

Board Meetings
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  • Finances
    • Open Finance
    • Continuity and Redundancy
    • Special Account
    • Annual Filings
    • Plan for Dissolution
    • Membership Report
      • Report is in your e-mail box.
      • Review list of members with recent badge accesses who are not making payments.
      • Contact lapsed members to inquire.
      • Have a standard procedure for each category
        • Unpaid account - Inquire on the event. Then at 45 days. Then 90 days and disable after cancellation.
        • Unknown payment - Contact and inquire if they'd like a badge.
        • No badge - contact.
  • Saturday Cleanup
  • intweb
    • Storage space tracking features are complete and members have submitted requests. Rack D still needs labelled.
    • Next up - membership applications
    • Maybe should do voting module soon?
    • Bug or feature request? Put it on GitHub. See Greg or Ian for help with that.
  • Annex
    • Plans for Layout before running 220 line
    • Heating still needs work
    • Electrical and Network Wiring
  • Lounge Expansion
  • Vertical Storage
    • What is up for grabs and what belongs to someone
    • Make some new vertical storage on the top of Rack D
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture