Board Meeting - February 9, 2015

Board Meetings
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Next Meeting Monday March 9th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Purgatory first!
  • Finances
    • Several possible large items: gigabot, big laser, tormach. Discussion at end in case it gets lengthy please.
    • Jon emailed Jim D to cancel our TW internet so we stop wasting that money
    • warden spreadsheet
  • Moving infrastructure (Ryan)
  • University of Cincinnati CCM Media Art Class (5-6 students, Prof. Lorin Parker)
    • Liability?
  • Bylaws were fixed on github. Thanks Ian!
  • Membership response to space next door
  • Tool borrowing
  • UC surplus auction (done after a nudge from Dustin)
  • Large tool discussion:


  • Jon
  • Dave B
  • Mike (teleconference)
  • Elly
  • Jim D
  • Nancy
  • Ian B
  • Ivan
  • Jim S
  • Ian W
  • Coy
  • Paul
  • Ryan
  • Katie
  • Daniel


  • Purgatory
    • Dave B took a picture and is emailing it when he is done eating.
  • Finances
    • PNC: ~$18,000, Paypal: ~$11,062
    • $1200 in expenses, ~$2250 income, about $1000 ahead every month
    • Money is being funneled to projects around the Hive
    • Area warden memberships, outgoing is ~$170. Expenses include: CNC area, kitchen supplies, woodworking supplies.
    • Getting rid of Time Warner Internet, we have no reason to have it as it's not being used. Jim D will be taking care of it.
  • Lorin's Students
    • 5-6 students will be members at the student rate, being paid by UC. Paid up until 3 months.
    • Onboarding document is being drafted by Jim and Katie, will be used for future onboarding of members once completed.
    • Should we write up a blog post welcoming these students to the space? Consensus is yes.
  • Bylaws
    • THANK YOU IAN W FOR FIXING THE BYLAWS! Everything is updated on Github/Wiki
    • Please everyone read the bylaws, Brandon needs to sign them for them to be official
  • Space Next Door, $350/month
    • General membership doesn't seem that interested in renting out the space next door.
    • We should explore getting this space for storage in the future. Will be revisited sometime in the future.
  • Tool Borrowing Policy
    • New rules are in effect, seems to be working!
  • UC Surplus Auction
    • Early Bird signup. Jon has signed us up, but we need to follow up a MONTH before the auction actually happens.
    • Jon will be informing the space as a whole
  • Infrastructure Migration Beta Testing
    • Ryan and Ian B have migrated the database and wiki to a Digital Ocean instance
    • DNS needs to be pointed at the new server. Wordpress also needs to be migrated.
    • This is an ongoing effort. Update next meeting.
  • Gigabot
    • The owner is trying to liquidate assets. We can either buy the Gigabot from him or he's taking it back.
    • We need to better document the terms of equipment that's on indefinite loan.
    • He wants $2,500 for us to own it outright, he paid ~$4,000 for it originally on Kickstarter. We've sunk ~$1,000 in upgrades and repairs.
    • Someone should be assigned to talk to him. Ivan has been designated as the person who will be negotiating and taking care of the specifics!
    • We should do flexible funding and ask for more money than we need (maybe $3k) so voting doesn't cause us to delay and lose the gigabot.
    • Ivan's spirit animal is a 3D printed owl.
  • Big F*ing Laser (BFL)
    • Estimated cost all in is ~$8500. We need a bigger laser! It's an asset to the space and makes us a unique snowflake.
    • Ian W is in talks with a local laser vendor that may be willing to donate a laser of such notoriety
  • Possible Grant, EDS Fund
    • Skip Sloss has reached out to us about a grant that is available.
    • We need to write up a proposal to be considered, but they will pay up to 40% of the cost of new equipment (mill or lathe). Jim D will be writing up something.
    • For the same money we would be spending (after the grant), we could get something very nice that's used. The equipment we'd be getting with the grant would be brand new.
    • Would we get rid of our other mill? We are slowly using up all of our space. We should look in to organizing our space.
    • Do we really want this grant? Do we need this equipment at this point in time? Jim S says we need a good metal lathe.
    • Consensus seems to be that we don't really need or even want a tormach mill that much.
  • Tig Welder
    • Tig welders are much more expensive to take care of and repair.
  • Safety Standards for Hive13
    • We need more robust safety policies as we continue to get more powerful and dangerous equipment in the space.
    • Area Wardens will be getting together to define safety procedures for all of our equipment.
  • Listerman Bridgeport Mill (Manual)
    • Has digital readout, not sure of the condition of the equipment.
    • Jim D made the trip to Listerman. There are issues that make this a project the Hive will have to take on, but it's a really nice mill.
    • The cost of this would be ~$4,000 new. Dave B seems to think that it wouldn't be worth it if the cost to repair it would be more than $2,000.
    • The idea of a year's membership is an idea being explored to compensate for the mill.
  • Structural Engineer Assessment
    • As more equipment comes into the space, bringing in a structural engineer to get an actual floor load rating for the space seems to be more and more necessary.
    • Dave and Jon know some structural engineers

Next Actions

Have another meeting on March 9th.

Have a vote to pay for gigabot.

Do a vote for a lathe. See if Tiffany's dad will take the old lathe back if we get that one.