Board Meeting - January 11th, 2016

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting January 11th, 2016


Old Bidness

  • Purgatory
  • Finance
    • Warden Reimbursement
    • Pending Applications
  • Hive expansion
    • Lease has been sent off, but it may be the wrong one.

New Business

  • Jim's items
  • Daniel's complaint about mailing list temporary barring
  • More formal method for tool purchases


  • Jim D
  • Elly
  • Ian B
  • Ryan
  • Jon
  • Dave L


  • Purgatory
    • Done
  • Website backups are enabled
  • Finance
    • Ian B needs to be reimbursed for digital ocean stuff. Maybe we should figure out how to do that?
    • Jon will be reimbursed soon
  • Hive expansion
    • Waiting to hear back from the landlord if the lease is OK.
  • Jim's items
    • figure out a "known good process" for the CNC router and laser to more easily certify people.
    • Make a "demo part" for machines to step through learning many machines.
    • yoda need: encourage people to ask for help from experts.
    • capstone projects: let people offer bounties for projects.
    • Do we want to do opening day again?
    • Power tool drag racing: Do we want to go big and go to the big three this year?
    • Power series? Aint gonna happen, maybe let's just use it for other stuff like opening day?
  • Tool purchases for the year?
    • We spent probably $5-6k last year, that might not be unreasonable for this year.
    • We could maintain the same, but the surplus is a bit smaller. We need to approach the number of members who are "members" and not paying their membership.
  • Warden budgets aren't really being used
    • One reason is a bit of burnout
    • Another is that no one is really suggesting tools/stuff we need.
  • Daniel's concern about authority on the leadership
    • Everyone at the meeting agrees that the same rules that apply to the physical space apply to the mailing list. The steps taken on the mailing list were justified.
    • We should clearly define in the bylaws that this is so, since the mailing list /is/ listed in the bylaws.
    • Ryan or Jim will respond to Daniel personally.