Board Meeting - January 11th, 2021

Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
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  • UC Innovation Center /
  • Building alarm system
  • RFID access on sliding door
  • access control event messaging - MQTT? intweb version X.x?
  • Hive13 has 6 entrances, all need to be monitored
  • Status of computer network. Can we push forward getting more drops installed.
  • Security cameras throughout Hive13 and at entrances.
  • Need for doorbell
  • COO is working on network drops and camera installations, could use more help
  • Treasurer Report and topics
- Review December 2020 and year-end numbers
- Total 2020 revenue looks ~$53k which exceeds $50k threshold for 1st time and expect will cause federal tax reporting to switch from 990-N (postcard) to Form 990 or 990EZ
- Buy-in to formally start showing the trend and current 13 "PlusOne" members on the Open Finance member chart (need coding help) current test using existing code temporarily shows "PlusOnes" as "StudentWardens"
- Strawman budget for 2021 (Operational, wardens' and buildout)
- QuickBooks Implementation update (JimD & DaveV)
  • Is consent required (or a good idea) when posting photos of members or their projects in social media?
  • Personal liability insurance reminder - resources for members, reference to the slack insurance discussion

Frisbee Round

  • Do you have any personal projects that you are working on?



  • Kayla Lukawiecki, Dave Velzy, Dave Schwinn, Drew Kirkman, Lisa Crump, John Clark, Jim Dallam, Chris Davis, Ryan Hershey

Access Control

  • Velzy has written up a draft of "space rules" and posted it in #leadership slack channel.
    • Please feel free to edit it / add to it
  • RFID on doors - Chris Davis & Hodapp are working on this
    • Have all the hardware, just a matter of assembly and mounting it. First priority is main front door.
      • Also sensor for fire door
  • Cable is about 1/2 strung for wood shop camera
  • More network drops
    • Lots of drops, just not punched down
    • Drew has A+ testing stuff, John has some as well, not as nice as Drew's but perfectly acceptable
  • Once RFID sensors are live, we want members to use RFID as much as possible as opposed to code
    • Will need to change codes once we get to this point
  • Still have interest in doorbell

UC Innovation Center

  • Interested in setting up an online meeting with them

Treasurer Report

  • Jim working on presentation on year end but here's the jist of it
    • Month by month covering expenses comfortably
    • Approx $4200 monthly income with fixed expenses ~$3400
    • We have a pretty consistent ~$800-$900 cash positive monthly
    • We are however working off some leftover move expenses, but these are going away
  • Discussion of separation of Warden budget and Consumables/Maintenance Budget
    • Prepare member vote for ~$500 to continue build out budget
      • At this point, calling it the move budget is silly as we're moved. Referring to it as build out budget
  • This is the most income in Hive's history which = different tax things
    • Velzy and Jim are on this
  • Priority to get outstanding move expenses out of the way and AC
    • Communicate that we're not spending willy nilly, and things should be put up for vote
      • Emerging casting and jewelry spots have been very little cost to Hive budget. Kevin M pulled together funds from Hive members
        • Can we model something like this for AC (Already have $1000 from Paul V's work donation)
          • Need someone to head this. Velzy can write up specifications but needs help with really getting it out there to membership / get engaged
  • Need to make change in open finance code in regards to +1 member


  • Do we need consent to post photos on social media of members / projects?
    • Privacy policy linked above.