Board Meeting - January 12, 2015

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting January 2015

Next Meeting Monday Feb 9th 7:30pm at Hive13



  • Ryan
  • Daniel
  • Brad
  • Jon
  • Elly
  • Brandon
  • Katie
  • Jim S
  • Nancy
  • Dave L
  • Dustin
  • Ian B
  • Dave B
  • Ian W (teleconference)


  • Finances
    • Jon has talked to Jim D about getting more information into Dropbox. Jim D has emailed a chart to Leadership.
    • Dan and Ryan would like an itemized report of all of our outgoing expenses.
    • Roughly about $2000-$2100/mo before Hive expenses available. ~$29K in the bank right now.
    • Ask Jim for a line item export from the bank
  • RFID Deadelin
    • Jon has cleaned up access list. No one has complained!
  • Liz's Stuff
    • Being taken care of by Dave B.
  • Wiki and Member Onboarding
    • Jon is updating the tool list and updating pages as they come to him
    • We should do a monthly/whatever demo of how to do things like edit wiki.
    • Possibly adding a WYSIWYG editor after we complete a server migration
  • Web infrastructure movement
    • Someone needs to just start this.
    • Ian W has resources available to spin up instances in a Chicago datacenter that is paid for by John Deere.
    • Possibly getting a Digital Ocean instance spun up, would need to vote for funding. Possibly up to $20/month. Corporate account for the Hive @ DigitalOcean?
    • Shadoxx and Ian B will start migration this weekend of the database and web applications.
  • Waterboarding?
    • Looking into the possbility in the future. Not viable solution at this time.
  • Grants & Popup Cincy Relationship
    • Katie is getting money for a few UC Architect students to cover membership for a whole semester
  • CCM Media Art Class
    • Professor for CCM came to last meeting. Wants to provide membership to the Hive for his class of 5-6 students
  • Member Storage
    • No updates.
  • Area Wardens
    • Jim S will be talking about progress at tomorrow's meeting.
    • ~$40 budget per warden each month.
    • Jim S has a purchase spreadsheet that's on Google Docs <insert link here>
  • Space Organization - Presentation Available on Google Docs <insert link here>
    • "HiveMind" Interface - AI For the space
    • Works off the RFID system
    • Profile pages for each member, project tracking, machine logins, everything to do with how members interact with the space
    • Turns on and off outlets to different machines via tablet interface
    • Allows for greater access control and tracking of space resources
    • Jim S will be giving us updates at the next board meeting
  • Bylaws!
    • They're messed up. Need fixed
  • Space Next Door
    • $350/mo to rent out, not sure if utilities are included. Ties into finances and getting an itemized list of outgoing expenses to give us a better idea of how much wiggle room we have in our budget.
    • Could use for storage. Rentable artist/project space? Needs to be brought up at next meeting.
    • Brainstorming different ideas.
  • Building Maintenance
    • We should probably take the responsibility of fixing issues around the space upon ourselves
  • Dustin's "Things From The Inter("
    • UC's public auctions, need to put on the Hive Calender. We can submit our non-profit status to get access to items before the general public.
  • Tool Borrowing Policy
    • Need to put down a borrowing policy in text so there is consistency.
    • Possibly have the Wardens oversee this as one of their responsibilities
    • Dave B has volunteered to flesh out a rough draft of this policy to be voted upon by the membership
    • There is a continuing discussion on the mailing list:!topic/cincihackerspace/FfkOFIkh7ag
  • Purgatory
    • Needs better organization.
    • Shelf gets cleared off every month at the time of the board meeting.
    • Leadership is taking this responsibility upon themselves.
    • Post-It notes on items that will be claimed. Needs to say "Dibs" with your name or it's not official.
  • Shadoxx loves all of you
    • Brad has called "Dibs" on shadoxx

Next Actions

Have another meeting on Feb 9th.