Board Meeting - January 13th, 2020

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Board Meetings
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Date: December 9th, 2019 Time: 7:30 PM


  • Role of Board and Officers in Governance - Question raised by legal review of Hive13 bylaws. Opening round of discussion.
  • Rent hike of $200 to $1600 monthly effective March 1st. Option for resigning a lease, or continuing on a month to month basis. Is now a good time to inquire about the basement which may allow for an additional discount?
  • Donation and long term loan policy:
    • There has been some mild history of that, the big CNC was purchased similar to what I'm proposing, I think it was 5 people put he'd in $1k each, and because there were not clear rules, and there was unequal effort sharing to get it running, there was drama surrounding that.
    • Since then, we have figured out a pretty clear set of rules surrounding those situations (though, they may not be written down)
      • leadership has the right to accept or reject donations
      • permanent loans the equipment remains owned by the donor, but while in the space the hive takes over maintenance and repair, again, leadership has say on if the thing can stay, and if it needs to leave the donor must make it go away or it goes to purgatory and is put up for grabs or trash.
      • Donations immediately become hive property, and the equipment is then treated exactly as if it had been purchased. As a courtesy, if we decide to get rid of a donation, it is typically offered up to the donor as first dibs to buy back or take back before being sold/given/trashed at leadership or memberships decision.
      • Group purchases are treated as donations, the donors each choose thier donation level to the agreement of the other donors, and leadership must consent to the donation just as any equipment, but once the donation(s) are made, the equipment is just like any other hive purchased or donated equipment, and the future of it is up to the membership and leadership.
  • Safety checklist - Fire extinguishers, first aid kit, lighting, fire box, cameras, door security, list of emergency number, posted sign with our address for calling 911, sign outside so we can be found, ice/snow melt and snow shovel.
  • More cameras for greater accountability and ability to address individuals who abuse community spaces. Ability to view camera footage from remote.
  • Lock down Slack General channel some? change to #announcments and limit to leadership and wardens to make posts?
  • Procedure for divesting Hive13 of items that may have some value fairly and without hurt feelings (Gigabot, Shapeoko, other machines and tools that go unused, but someone may like to have or could be sold for $$$)
  • Laser Damages Compensation - No word from Paul? What do we do?