Board Meeting - January 15th, 2018

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Board Meetings
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  • Finances and Membership
    • Ian has 99% of the PayPal membership report completed.
      • Go over what's there and what to do thence.
      • Are there any data that could be added to the report?
    • Spending General Funds
    • With the membership audit complete, what should happen to members with lapsed payments?
      • Anyone who has not accessed the space since intweb took over, which is March 11, 2017, will be deactivated without any other action
      • What to do about other lapsed members
  • intweb
    • Abilities
      • Storage Requests
      • New Member on-boarding
        • PayPal Links are now in intweb
      • Uploading member photos
      • Group and permissions
    • Future
      • Go over the (now much smaller) list of issues (which includes new features)
        • Farther out in the future, we'll have new member applications submitted there
        • Use GitHub to report bugs when you find them
  • The annex
    • Heating
    • Electrical Improvements
    • What to do with the space
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture



  • Jim - open finance is current through end of december
    • Pending memberships - Caine
  • Jim would like to propose a new hive special account for the proceeds from powertool drag racing
    • we have a little north of $7000 - would like this to be used for "special projects"
    • $450 check from breakthrough cincinnati (check is from UC)
    • keep outreach sustainable
    • keep gifts from other nonprofits separate
  • Annual filings for the last 3 years are current
    • The threshold is $50k in income to report.
      • Jim would like to work on the asset list.
        • He has compiled a 100ish item list.
  • If we ever had to dissolve the hive, what is the plan?
  • paypal membership report
    • Reviewed list of members whith recent badge accesses who are not making payments.\
    • Ian will contact lapsed members to inquire
    • Need a standard procedure for each category
      • Unpaid account - Inquire on the event. Then at 45 days. Then 90 days and disable after cancelation.
      • Unknown payment - Contact and inquire if they'd like a badge.
      • No badge - contact.
      • Ian will automate this report to send on the first of the month.
  • Intweb
    • Intweb is taking over paperwork duties at the hive.
    • Storage space tracking features are nearly complete.
    • Brief discussion of credentials
    • Paypal links are now on intweb. To be removed from blog.
    • Next up - membership applicatons
  • Annex
    • Heating
    • Greg changed the filter. It was more of a brick.
    • Greg will clean the heater.
  • Electrical Improvements
    • We have approval from garden street to work on the electrical
    • Once greg is done with the air lines, he will resule work on the electrical
    • one 220
    • 3 110 circuits
  • What to do with the space
    • Fablab, Lounge Crafts, Electronics.
    • Fablab and lounge to be a combined meeting area.
    • Greg to inquire with garden street before formalizing our plan.
  • Re-invigorating hive culture
    • Group Projects (3d printers, shapeoko)
    • Looking for people to host more group activities.