Board Meeting - July 10th, 2023

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Board Meetings
Previous: June 12th, 2023 Meeting Procedure Next: August 14th, 2023

Time: 7:30 PM

Place: Google Meet Telecom

To join the video meeting, click this link:

Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#

To view more phone numbers, click this link:


  • Reports
  • Area/warden reports
  • Review task items from last meeting


  • Outreach
    • Hive13 had Pride13!
      • A big thanks to Ava S., Jack M., Riley C., Caiden R., Ryan A. (and family), Shawn S. (and Iggy), John F., Renée, Alisha C., Lisa C., and Jackson B. for showing up and showing their pride.
      • Great responses from the crowd
    • Looking to the future
      • Still haven't heard back from the comic expo
      • Made in Camp!
      • CMC engagements
      • Looking for suggestions on where else to go
  • COO
    • Action item of reaching out to Jackson or others for help with managing member storage. (Not the Dungeon.)
      • Jackson has agreed to help.
      • In addition, a significant number of member storage spaces have been freed up.
    • Hive Air Conditioning
      • We have a better understanding of the situation but it still needs some time to come in and to be compiled.

Area/Warden Reports

  • 3D Printing
    • Printer vote is underway!
    • Resin Printer Revival
      • Need to make enclosures with CNC. Vote took priority last month.

Review task items from last meeting

- Jack and Kate:

   - announce election in announcements and open nominations

   - work on compiling information from our meeting discussions for a policy procedure adjacent committee

- Kate:

   - ask about the election committee at the meeting tomorrow

   - put out feelers and schedule for dungeon masters meeting (ask for improvement plan updates from committee members)

- NOTE FROM 06/13 MEETING: talk about dungeon AC at the next meeting

   - start having a discussion of quorum

- Kevin and Velzy:

   - work on printouts of the dungeon floor plans

- Velzy:

   - Put something about the open cornerstone in announcements

- John Clark:

   - Reach out to Jax/someone about working on dungeon delegation stuff (See above)

   - Start thinking about how we can improve voting procedures.

I don't remember whose this was but it wasn't assigned to me. (John Clark)



- Chris Davis

- Ryan Anderson

- Renee

- Kostas

- Dave Velzy

- Kate Cook

- Kevin

- John Clark

Minutes: 7:40-8:19pm


- Outreach

   - Pride was nuts! There were no parade wranglers at the start but we kept it together

   -  Thanks to everyone who showed up

   - Comic-con cincy STILL not gotten back to us.... can we even do a booth at this point?

   - Made in Camp is still happening soon and we will do something to participate

   - BLINK 2024 has been announced and we will be discussing as a committee


   - Jackson has agreed to help

   - A significant number of member storage spaces have been freed up (hooray!)

       - We could free up space by relocating belongings to top shelf for members who haven't shown up in a while

       - We could get one of those sliding stock shelves to get stuff from the top shelves and it would be safer than a ladder and could

   - Hive air conditioning

       - We need to learn how to manage our climate control

       - Keeping the door to the welding shop help air circulate (can we prop this open unless it's open)

           - Welding area needs to be looked into (can we close the air ducts? do we add more air ducts in the hallway?)

- 3D Printing

   - New FDM machine vote closing tomorrow (incredibly likely to pass)

   - We need to come up with a waste removal method for resin printing

       - Look into UC's waste management system?



   - LimeSurvey is being awful right now

       - Not working, but can we update to the newest LimeSurvey to see if that would work?

       - Who's responsible for setting all of this stuff up? Is CTO responsible for this or should this be an election committee thing?

   - Our triggers for election procedure need to happen way earlier in the year so we aren't cutting this down to the wire

       - We should change the role of the election committee going forward?

Annual Meeting

- Pushing the annual meeting to the 25th (on a Tuesday)

- Canceling the potluck this weekend (we will reschedule at a later time!)

Review Items:

- Kevin/Velzy: Look into a rolling ladder for the member storage spaces so that we can use the top layer for new spaces

- Ryan/Chris: Work on setting up commercial LimeSurvey to fix the problem for this year

- Kate: Schedule next dungeon's master meeting

- Jack: Post an update about the date change of the annual meeting