Board Meeting - July 13th, 2015

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting July 13 2015

Next Meeting

Monday August 10th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Purgatory first!
  • Moving websites (Ryan)
  • Elections
  • Planning for the Future
  • Membership Levels
  • New Member probationary period
  • Educational Responsibility
  • Hive education program
  • Proposal for new intern
  • Bylaws
  • Grants
  • Redistribution of leadership responsibilities
    • Area warden selection through board of directors
  • Annual meeting food?
  • Open house
  • Website revamp service project update
  • Warden purchse list
  • Repay wardens
  • haskell talk, hackerspace discussion


  • Jon
  • Elly
  • Ryan
  • Dustin
  • Nanacy
  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Kevin
  • Will


  • Purgatory
    • Ryan took picture and will send it to the list
  • Moving website (Ryan)
    • Not before elections
  • Elections
    • In one week
    • Deadline reminder was sent out to list
    • Secretary only one not filled
    • We actually have multiple people running for single positions!
  • Planning for future
    • Went over A LOT (3 hours meeting!!)
  • Membership levels
    • Need to figure out what to do for reduced membership rates for those who can't afford it
    • Income verification not the best idea
    • Encourage corner stone members to sponsor low cost memberships?
    • Check our I3 Detroit's "guest policy"
    • We already let guests use the place if they show interest in something.
    • For now anyone accepting applications will be more strict on the elite level membership from now.
  • New member probationary period
    • Easier to prevent problems that may arise
    • Making people wait before they sign up, doesn't work too well (lost some)
    • Also trying to prevent our space from getting wrecked
    • "Don't want to take your money if this isn't for you"
    • push the "guest policy" outlook
    • instead of a time limit, maybe a number of times
    • another philosophy: Make it easiest to join, we are not exclusive
    • look at process for suspending members?
    • Guest policy would be good, but is that something we are going to implement any time soon?
    • Going forward: Make it easier for board/officers to discipline members, require members to attend orientation
  • Educational responsibility
    • We should have a position for this.
    • There should be more education "stuff" in the bylaws so we are more open to grants, and because we should educate people more.
  • Hive education program
    • We should really have a position for setting up education stuff.
  • Proposal for new intern
    • Let's wait until the next board meeting
    • She seems like a great benefit though
  • Next board meeting
    • Let's move it forward one week (August 3rd)
  • Bylaws
    • No extra revisions tonight
    • We should also dust the cobwebs
    • Let's schedule an actual bylaw review meeting sometime soon
  • Grants
    • Kevin has been talking to local companies see if they will give us anything.
    • We need to updates the bylaws to add in bylaws.
    • Let's not get in to grants that have requirements that we may not be able to fulfill.
    • Lorin will help us get running for grants.
    • The public library provides grant writing classes.
  • Redistribution of leadership responsibilities
    • The bylaws are a bit broad in some of the officer descriptions and the director descriptions
    • A set of guidelines outside of the bylaws would be wise.
    • Area wardens voted in by board members rather than selected by COO? (No)
  • Annual meeting food?
    • People are really appreciative of having food at some meetings.
    • Let's do a grillout!
    • Elly will handle this
  • Open House
    • We still have no one to head it
    • If we are going to do it we should host it some time in september and october after the makerfaire
    • Jon will help organize people to clean the space.
  • Community service kid
    • Tylergetsay
    • Ryan will take over this
  • Warden budget
    • $180
    • Everybody cool with this
  • Repay wardens
    • Jon will do this tomorrow
  • Haskell talk
    • Someone is touring hackerspaces to ask for advice for running their hackerspace
    • Will also be giving a talk about Haskell :)
  • Dayton Diode collaboration
    • Could we do a recirocal membership with Dayton Diode?
    • People could use both places since each have their strengths.