Board Meeting - July 13th, 2020

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:



  • Is the sign-in thing working out?

Emails and other Admin

  • Please help load share, check emails at least every other day and help make timely responses
  • CC each other on message responses
  • Encourage Incoming leadership to do the same
  • Pay August rent to 2701sg not to Garden street
  • Cancel Spectrum and shift insurance to cover only 2701.

Annual Meeting

  • Sooner board meeting for new leader intro?
  • Quorum has been met. Voting closes at 7:25 PM Tuesday. Final reminder going out tomorrow.
  • Results will be announced at the conclusion of tomorrow's weekly meeting.
  • Set timeline for education of new leaders and transition of responsibility, get former leaders out of groups after some time?

Member Status Reports

  • we have been forgetting to check in on this stuff...
    • Renewal reminder to non-regular payment members.
  • Paul Marsh (Laser Fire) payments lapsed, what to do?

Will Ardndt's Offer

  • Instructional Videos
  • how can we get him going?

Amazon Business account

  • allows tax exempt purchasing
  • set one up to use for warden and vote purchases through amazon?


  • What's leadership need to coordinate and communicate to members?
    • Security and Shutdown procedures update for 3rd floor.
    • Alarm code reminders about hours at exit doors.
  • ID Checks to get door access once access control is in place.
  • Have people sign new/updated waivers.
  • Vertical Storage - we need to get it set up and figure out how to implement fee
  • Propose Vote for more move expenses
    • Known additional expenses:
      • Duct Work - $5500 or less
      • Panels W&Z - $4256
      • Doors - $5500
      • Air Con - $5000/unit
      • Kitchen - $???
    • Budget
      • Voted $15,000 in first vote
      • $3,338.89 less a bit remains
      • At 11.5k expansion vote we evaluated and were comfortable spending up to $25,000
      • Should we put up the vote for that $10k now? How should it be used?



  • Sign in sheet at 2701 - relocated? Need to clarify that whole thing
  • Drop sign out, put sign-in at each entrance
  • Bright color
  • Dave S. to take action
  • otherwise people seem to be being very responsible
  • maybe get more wipes? Dave S to handle this too
  • we need a member and guest sign in kiosk at some point, but not enough bandwidth now

Emails and Admin

  • Please don’t let emails go more than 24/48 hours without response
  • CC leadership, embarrassing to have multiple replies
  • Cancel Spectrum for August
  • Where is our phone number still showing up??? We need to close it out. It’s Yelp. and facebook, Dave S. will take lead. facebook fixed.
  • We need our Google Business Account Back, Dave S. taking lead to get it back

Annual Meeting

  • Orientation meeting the 27th for intweb and other admin tools
  • Punt discussion of transition limit for new board to discuss

Member Statuses

  • Need to reach out to people who’s memberships lapse. We may not need to loose them.
  • paul marsh - had been paying off laser, payments failed, have not heard from him. Will B to reach out. Dave V. to get status from Jim on payments

Video Tutorials Projects

  • We will let him lead and remind us, but we definitely should support
  • Let’s ask him to be involved in the CNC and Laser re-build to document that
  • Sewing and Serger are easy to do now, great place to start, Lisa to join convo in #marketing

Amazon Business Account

  • Yes, let’s do it, but need to verify limited authorized users


  • up for June, looks good


  • Let’s Pay 2701 rent for August to show good faith and establish Cash Flow. Jim and Dave V. action
  • Cameras, let’s get orwell moved to get camera coverage at 2701
  • Dave V. is getting locks all in place. Dave V. will write and publish procedures for access and shutdown.
  • RFID for door control is weeks away
  • Next weekend, selling off rest of racks in building. Want to be able to shut doors by then
  • ID checks and New Waivers - how to implement with recent changes in access control plan? Punt till stable.
  • Vertical Storage - can we get someone to volunteer to make a vertical storage management box for people to scan their badge to use soda credits to pay for member storage?
  • Let's ask wesselman if we can use the west end as temporary vertical storage. Dave V says it’s a go

vote for extended budget

  • Dave V. to put up a vote for additional $10k for high priority move items.
  • High Priority (must happen now):
    • W and Z panels are essential
    • Duct bill will have to be payed
    • dust collection fume extraction
    • sinks (kitchen and wash sinks)
  • Lower Priority (next year):
    • Air conditioning
    • Doors
    • Kitchen

Possible industrial wood shop equipment donation

  • 480v 16” jointer, 24” planer, 36” bandsaw, and other industrial woodshop tools
  • 1920 vintage
  • wonderful equipment, but needs maintenance and wiring
  • Would like pre-approval for possible donation, but might be a good idea to get electrician quote for wiring cost first

Task list for the week:

  • clear area in back for temp vertical storage (Brian Wingate Lead)