Board Meeting - July 29th, 2019

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Board Meetings
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  • New Leader Orientation
  • Records Request - Counsel advises we change bylaws for records access. Limit time and charge a fee to make copies. At most Hive13 provides online minutes, the balance sheet and current expenditures. On the advice of counsel, that's all anyone gets. No emails. No slack channels. No member list. No Texts. Nothing else. Only a judge may tell us that we should deliver more.
  • Regarding suspension or termination - The phrase "for any legal reason" has no meaning under law. Counsel advised replacing that phrase with "with or without cause" a 2/3 vote of leadership is sufficient.
  • Incorporation of this year's Bylaw changes - need volunteer willing to get this done (preferably ASAP)

Building Hive13 Community

  • Discuss formalizing the unwritten policy regarding use of Hive13 by domestic partners with the intent of increasing usage and diversity of participants.
  • Review briefly the positive impact that the following have had on building the Hive13 community
    • Social Media
    • Classes
    • Events
    • Group Projects

Code of Conduct

  • "Be Excellent to Each Other" is as far as we have gone in defining acceptable or unacceptable conduct.
  • See the Link. [[1]]
  • We have a responsibility - See Working with Young Makers

Working with Young Makers

  • Hive13 already works with Young Makers Examples: ·      
  • Learn to solder         age  6 to 18       Soldering iron, public venue, liability waiver, parent supervision. ·      
  • Robotics team(s)      age 14 to 18       Use Hive13 equipment – parents not always present ·      
  • Young Maker            age 14 to 18       Use Hive13 Equipment – Only with Mentor example Ezra Wolf ·      
  • Probably more in the future
  • Define the steps Hive13 must take to manage the risk of working with Minors.
  • Risks include: Injury, Death, Abuse, Criminal and Civil charges, Property Loss, Court of Public Opinion
  • Risk Mitigation(s) include: Code of Conduct, Good Behavior, Program Policies, CCTV, Insurance

Despite taking all these good steps: Hive13 and or the Officers, Board or Members may be accused, sued or charged. Public opinion would be very damaging, perhaps fatal to Hive13.

Discussion of Draft Permission Slip [[2]]

Young Maker code of conduct. Working with Young Makers

Expand into the Basement - Cellar Dwellers

  • Why? Expand versus Move
  • Cost
  • Effort
  • Timing

Upcoming Events

  • Made in Camp 10/12/19 + Open house – Same weekend as BLINK – Get noticed!
  • Books by the Banks 10/26/19 10am to 4 pm Learn to Solder

Board Meeting Minutes 7/29/19

Hive13 Board Meeting - July 29, 2019

Tour of basement, covered the basics of potential move into space, see Dave V’s email chain on topic or #cellar_dwellers slack channel

Punted new member orientation to next meeting

August to be third monday (19th), following Board meetings to be third Mondays of each month, except

Action: Will to put together board meetings and cleanup schedule for year, send out for approval.

Building community: has been a main topic for the past year, outreach has been working (social media).

ACTION: Dave S. to write formal family/spouse addendum/membership class for future approval

Request for records:  read email correspondence with respect to background.  Council made by James Maltrey (advisor) on how we run a non-profit, recommended lawyer, Matt Lake.  Offered advice on both records and termination section.

Termination: “for any legal reason” has no meaning.  Replace it with “terminated with or without cause”

Request for records:  bylaws way too open, needs cost and limits to time and place of access.  Makes person requesting put in effort and not waste your time.

Advice for active records request:

Recommends providing ONLY:

  • Minutes (online)
  • Balance Sheet (online)
  • Current Expenditures (online)

Do not provide:

  • Slack channels
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Member list and personal info

Vote: We will provide the advised items above in email with guidance to where they are already provided online (present: 10 abstain: 0  yes: 10 no: 0)

ACTION: Dave V. to draft and share email response to request.

Child/young maker:  we have been stepping outside of parent/child relationships (LTS, robotics, and visitors with chaperone), we need a policy.  We do LTS waiver, and have a minor w/ parent waiver for on-site.  

Members who let the robotics team members were taking legal responsibility for kids when they let them in.  

Another incident a minor was let in without a member activity allowing him in.

There are huge risks associated with taking on responsibility for minors.

Our current policy is:  Minors are the responsibility of their parent or the member who brings them in and no one else.  The parent or member who brings them must remain with them at all times while they are in the hive.

A team/individual may take up working on a policy revision.

Greg A incorporated bylaw changes.

Action: Kevin M. to check bylaws incorporations,  next meeting vote to make github version the official version.

No discussion on effective outreach other than to say it’s sorta been working.  Not much member engagement on social media, but we want to tackle that topic another day

Action: ALL check all new leaders have access to social medias and calendars (Will to make list of relevant ones)

Code of Conduct:  We don’t have one other than “be excellent to each other.”  lawyer advised a code of conduct was highly advised. There have been a number of cases recently of behavior that discourages diversity/caused strife among members.  

Dave V. has drafted a code of conduct based on best practices and other spaces.

Action: ALL review for discussion next meeting

Made in Camp:  we need to confirm interest

ACTION: Dave V. to take action to confirm we are in.

Books by the banks: Brad is happy to run LTS.  

Action: Brad to verify we have a table for Books by the Banks and LTS restock

Additional event topic:  We need more second tuesday talks, please help find more people.

Need one for September 9th.

Action: Jim D. to post to mailing list asking for tuesday talk volunteers.

New ideas for meetings:  

Vary the formula, maybe skip the formal meeting every other week and do a fun activity/light contest instead

Expand to basement discussion came back up:  

Hold off going to main mailing list till we have a solid vision to present.  We should also have a clear idea of the stages and have negotiations far enough along to know what we can get.

Action: WILL B: Put up leadership chart in lounge

Meeting adjourned

Action: Kevin M. update leadership roles page on wiki