Board Meeting - June 12th, 2023

Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


  • Set Date for annual elections - Announce the date.
  • Call for Nominations for Directors and Officers.
    • Discuss recommending a slate of candidates
  • Recruit and Appoint Election Committee.
  • Do we have any changes needed to the bylaws?
  • Very recent serious issues related to Air Conditioning
    • Details to follow as time is available.

Review task items from last meeting

- Ryan Anderson:

   - look into post membership vote for new board director - Confirm appointment of Cyrina Thomas

- Jack Margeson:

   - Draft a post about a sliding scale of punishment to be posted in leadership private, post before tomorrow's meeting upon approval

- Kate Cook:

   - Announce the punishment discussion at tomorrow's meeting

   - Schedule another Dungeon Masters meeting

   - Create list of things that a potential intern

- Dave Velzy:

   - Keep in contact and keep sharing ideas for improvement with UMA

- Chris Davis

   - Post discussion about purchase/vote procedures in leadership discussion channels

- Kevin McLeod:

   - Put together a list of "closing items" that we need to have at the end of meetings

- All leadership:

   - Take a look and input on the updated punishments posts on Slack, Discourse

   - Start thinking about how we can improve voting procedures


  • Update on funding efforts for a Cincinnati Council of Makers by UMA - Urban Manufacturing Alliance
  • COO report
    • At the moment, the COO has had limited and unpredictable availability due to family health issues.
      • Getting better, but still a limitation.
    • Loose ends: still a problem with requests for vertical storage spots.
      • And to some extent with just member storage spots.
  • CTO Report

Area/Warden Reports

  • Concern/comments from the 4/26/23 Wardens’ meeting:
    • We still need an on-going forum for discussion (conversation) about possible and proposed improvements to the Hive.
      • As well as some technical/semi-technical issues.
      • It would also facilitate strategic planning.
      • It used to happen at the weekly Tuesday meeting.
      • It has been requested that we re-establish it.
      • Alternatives?
      • Discussion
  • Outreach
    • Still waiting to hear back from the comic expo
    • Planning to do the CMC event again next month since pride has kept us busy
      • So far the turnout for membership has been great, great energy all around
      • Working on more digital content for the website/socials
        • Posting to keep our twitter from getting deleted lol
    • Please message Kostas/Outreach on Slack (no leadership action required)
  • 3D printing
    • The UM2 is dead.With the amount of time and energy we've put in to try to figure out what's wrong with it, we've only seen it get worse. 2.85mm filament isn't even kept out on the floor at Micro Center, this was probably a change coming shortly.
      • Discussion is ongoing in 3d-printing about where we go from here.
    • RPR is slow but steady. Josty S. has donated the CNC files for the enclosure, just have to grab materials and make. Thank you, Josty!
    • Please message Kostas/3d-printing on Slack (no leadership action required)

Parking Lot for carry over assignments

- All leadership: start thinking about how we should improve vote procedures. Study the new financial stuff to get acquainted with it. - Paul Vincent: organize/help work on setting up a wiki workday - Kate Cook: Schedule next Dungeon Masters meeting - Jim and Kevin: moving forward with repair budget procedure talk to find a resolution - John and Paul: continue to lead the effort about vote procedure improvements with a thread in Slack/committee/whatever you want to call it - Chris Davis: find out more about the intern program at DAAP - DONE = Jack and Jim have gotten the banking details imported into Redbubble

Classes & Certification

- Kate will reschedule the short class on "How to structure a class for HIVE13"



- Jack Margeson

- Kevin McLeod

- Ryan Anderson

- Chris Davis

- Kostas

- Kate Cook

- Dave Velzy

- John Clark

- Chris Hodapp

- Jim Dallam

- Dave Schwinn

Minutes: 7:30pm–9:00pm

Agenda Items

- Close nominations on July 1st, post survey to all members

- Potluck on the 15th, followed by election results

- Adding a slate of people being elected to the top of the discourse post, edited while people are being nominated



   - Check PowerPoint for more details

   - Membership is now at 215

   - TL;DR: ~$1,000 profit


   - Member storage spaces filling up way too fast

       - Going to be continuing to clear the dungeon to alleviate

       - Looking into reaching out to Jax about some dungeon delegation stuff


   - See above for link to how-to for LimeSurvey

   - Domains renewed (yay)

   - Last IT meeting camera software was decided and license will be paid for soon

       - Should be up and running (double yay)

Action Items

- Jack and Kate:

   - announce election in announcements and open nominations

   - work on compiling information from our meeting discussions for a policy procedure adjacent committee

- Kate:

   - ask about the election committee at the meeting tomorrow

   - put out feelers and schedule for dungeon masters meeting (ask for improvement plan updates from committee members)

   - start having a discussion of quorum

- Kevin and Velzy:

   - work on printouts of the dungeon floor plans

- Velzy:

   - Put something about the open cornerstone in announcements

- John Clark:

   - Reach out to Jax/someone about working on dungeon delegation stuff