Board Meeting - June 8, 2015

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Hive13 Board Meeting June 08 2015

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Monday July 13th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Purgatory first!
  • area wardens plan (Jon)
  • Finances (Jim D)
  • Moving websites (Ryan)
  • Storage boxes (Elly)
  • Elections are coming in a couple of months
  • Planning for the Future
  • Membership Levels


  • Lorin
  • Dustin
  • Jim D
  • Jon N
  • Ryan
  • Elly
  • Nancy
  • James H


  • Purgatory
  • Area Wardens
    • Jon - Hasn't been able to buy anything new yet.
    • Woodworking (glue, clamps) ~$45
    • CNC endmills, bolts and stuff
  • Finances
    • $26,990.80 between Paypal and Bank
    • Membership Has Grown From 55 to 67** $2500/mo incoming from membership
  • Membership Level Clarification
    • Elite membership is becoming more trouble than it is worth. Was originally intended for students and a lot of people have signed up when they are not students.
    • Jon has changed the wording on the main Hive13 website so that's it's more clear that it's students only
    • Elite members contribute 14% of total revenue, Regular Members contribute around 55% total revenue
    • Should we consider changing membership levels based on income?
    • Main issue is confusion on what student/elite levels actually are. We need to make clear to every member or potential member what our membership levels/prices are.
    • Jon will send out a message to leadership.
    • Need to put the feelers out on how people feel about this and write up an addendum to be voted on during the next election cycle (July 21st)
  • Website Migration
    • No - Ryan
  • Storage Boxes
    • Had first build night for boxes. Elly has met her deadline!
    • A few more store box build nights are planned. You can learn the basics of how to use the CNC (but will not be certified to use it).
    • Need to encourage new members to build a box instead of taking storage space over by Fablab
    • We'll revisit this after elections, the conversation about what to do with current storage area
  • Elections
    • Need to announce elections (July 21st) to membership at large
  • Planning For The Future
    • Open House
      • We should have an open house after elections. We should have at least two Saturday cleanup days preceeding open house.
      • This will happen after a new board/officers have been elected, so this is something that they will need to revisit.
  • Jon will put the accuris laser cutter on craigslist if everyone is OK with that.
    • No one has any problems with this