Board Meeting - June 8th, 2020

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Annual Meeting

  • need to set date and announce
  • must be in July
  • must have 10 to 60 days notice
  • need time for nominations to be open, and then for voting to be open
  • In-person meeting or telecom?
  • Anything to discuss on elections?
  • Who of us plan to run again? What spots do we need to cultivate new candidates for?


  • Someone has used 2 of the hive's free boards for locked personal stuff
  • Who is the admin? Can they delete them, in case we want them in the future?


  • What's leadership need to coordinate and communicate to members?
  • ID Checks to get door access one access control is in place?
  • Have people sign new/updated waivers? our current system is abysmall, and we are surely missing some, can we store digitally?

Member Storage after move

  • Member Storage Boxes
    • New spaces are 16x16x48
    • We have 144 spaces, 108 if we reserve the top shelves for Hive13 storage
    • Limit to one space per member at new space?
    • Announce termination date for member storage at old space?
  • Vertical Storage
    • The way we have been doing vertical storage is a mess
    • What can we do to de-incentivise people camping out in them forever?
    • Should we avoid having vertical storage in the wood shop in the new space?
    • Can we make shallower vertical storage avaliable for people who use lumber and structural metal, but not sheet goods?
  • Cornerstone Corners
    • Perk of Cornerstone Membership
    • 4' x 4' Material, Project, and Tool Storage Space
    • 12 of them taped off in new building
  • Project Parking Zones
    • Establish safe areas in the new building for people to store active projects
    • Require all things with parking permits be in a parking zone?


annual meeting

  • Tuesday, July 14th
  • Normal (telecom) meeting
  • Kevin to announce


  • Drew has access to voting system
  • Board vote - need to make very clear that with the new board voting system, if you vote for everyone or vote for noone it means your vote doesn’t count, same as an abstain
  • COO - Dave V. wants to keep doing it till move is done, no longer. Some disagreement on if that would be better, or better to let someone take COO to manage wardens, and let Dave V. be the great Board member he has been.
  • Treasurer - Jim has been amazing, and he is still willing to fill the role, we all feel bad about not having a replacement with him living so far away now, need to start training someone for this role
  • We need to try and find people to fill: President,more Board members, and ?COO? If we know of a good candidate
  • Chris Davis as director? Brian Wingate as COO? Dave S. as Pres? Jacob as Board? Who else stays engaged in the communications? Jill? Heath? All these are people we should talk to.
  • we are unanimous on bylaws changes, let’s post for vote as soon as meeting date announced, kevin action.


  • fixed! Thanks Will!


  • we need to keep doing remote meetings


  • Yes, new waivers. New building, new waiver. Can we get an electronic system set up? There are apps for that, Kayla and Drew both know of them, proxyclick is what Kayla uses, iOS only, no android. Can scan IDs, collect info, and custom forms. Drew contacted Instachecking about nonprofit pricing
  • Yes, do ID checks. Can’t edit things on intweb right now… except manual in database. Either edit in database or create new account. Drew can change intweb to specify real name, and preferred name instead of name and handle.
  • We should be doing ID checks for all new signups now. New forms with bylaws change.
  • Access control: drew, dave V. and chris in convo with landlord, they are getting closer to picking a system, but it’s still weeks out, sometime this summer.
  • let’s hold off on publishing access except for people working on actual move work
  • Dave V. taking action to get someone to quote AC unit upgrades.
  • Bathroom stuff? Will has vanity. Landlord’s responsibility for bathroom and wash sinks
  • We will post access instructions once a functional space is up in the new building

Member Storage

  • Member Storage Boxes
    • Yes on one member storage space per person. No more multiple spots
    • Leave old hive storage slots assigned till week we need to move the rack
  • Vertical storage
    • General agreement that we NEED to charge for vertical storage, but it needs to be affordable
    • $10/month for Vertical Storage
    • Lisa suggests “Rising member”
    • Drew may be able to set up soda credits to pay for vertical storage
    • if left unpaid, stuff goes to parking violations
  • Parking Zones
    • Necessary - and we will need to enforce
    • We will also need to be vocal with violations
    • establish all work spaces and travel p[aths are NO PARKING
  • Cornerstone Corners
    • Let’s implement
    • make one outlet available per section, in hallway, disallow power strips, and make sure it’s clear it’s for chargers and other passive things, not servers or heat sources, leadership get’s say on if something


  • Lisa is newest warden by unanimous consent - Crafts and Sewing Ward