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*Open House
*Open House
** Is there bandwidth?
** Is there bandwidth?
* Get Rid of PayPal
*Processes and Procedures
*Processes and Procedures
**What can we improve
**What can we improve

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Board Meetings
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  • Review Tasks
    • Ryan - Reengage with approving members
    • Greg/Will - Split the HDMI off the lounge computer for appear.in use
    • Dave - buy nozzle to make the sand blasting cabinet usable
    • Kevin - move the blaster over by the air compressor
    • Kevin - relocate metal storage racks
    • Dave/Ryan - update orientation wiki
  • Open Finance Website updates
  • Membership Status
  • Open House
    • Is there bandwidth?
  • Get Rid of PayPal
  • Processes and Procedures
    • What can we improve
    • What is tripping us up?
    • Are we ready to schedule a task day?
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture