Board Meeting - March 11th, 2019

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Board Meetings
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  • Review Tasks
    • Ryan - Reengage with approving members
    • Greg/Will - Split the HDMI off the lounge computer for use
    • Dave - buy nozzle to make the sand blasting cabinet usable
    • Kevin - move the blaster over by the air compressor
    • Kevin - relocate metal storage racks
    • Dave/Ryan - update orientation wiki
  • Open Finance Website updates
  • Membership Status
    • Three members not paid up.
    • Pending Applications
      • Expire old applications?
  • Open House
    • Is there bandwidth?
  • Get Rid of PayPal
  • Processes and Procedures
    • What can we improve
    • What is tripping us up?
    • Are we ready to schedule a task day?
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture


  • Review Tasks
    • Ryan has not re-engaged due to being out of town due to family emergency
    • Greg has added a new microphone to the lounge
    • Dave - Working on updating the orientation wiki page. Some discussion was had to verify dave's changes align with our current reality.
      • Shall we return to approving new applications on the same night they arrive?
      • TODO - Greg to add shutdown link to the welcome email.
      • The group is in agreement, so Dave will move forward with documenting that process.
      • TODO - Add link to new member orientation topics.
      • TODO - Will to "tighten up" the new member tour.
  • Open Finance
    • Balance remains about the same.
    • Applications are on a dramatic upswing.
  • Brief redundant discussion of expansion and real estate options. Nothing has dramatically changed in this area.
  • Membership Status
    • Three members have not paid up.
    • Badges will be disabled for the members in arrears.
    • Review of pending applications
      • The oldest application was set to expired due to no reply from the applicant.
      • Pending memberships will be expired after 90 days of no contact.
      • TODO - Greg to add an automated 30 day follow up email.
  • Open House
    • Is there bandwidth for an open house?
    • Possibly, if we do it after maker faire?
    • Bill this as an after-party for the maker faire?
      • TODO - Will to attempt coordinating the after party.
      • Warn upstairs neighbor ahead of time.
    • TODO - Reconsider for the fall, the first board meeting after makerfaire.
  • Consider migrating away from paypal
    • Paypal's payment notification is problematic for automating procedures.
    • TODO - Greg to investigate Stripe integration for future use.
    • If we add an alternative payment method, it would be optional and managed as a gradual transition.
  • Monthly Talks
    • Jim has been busy for the past couple weeks
    • Jim asked if Garden Street might present about their operations
    • WillB is discussing a plastic casting presentation with someone.
    • We had an inquiry from someone interested in a local bell foundry
    • TODO - Jim to forward some of his outreach emails to Will for possible use as a template.
  • Process and Procedures
    • Are we ready to schedule a task day?
      • TODO schedule task day to compile consumable list.
      • TODO add schedule items to the newsletter slack for Kevin's benefit.
  • MakerFaire applicaton
    • What will we do at makerfaire?
      • Learn to Solder
      • Twenty Foot Falling Block Game
  • Reinvigorating Hive Culture
    • The automation and social media outreach are increasing membership levels.
    • Classes are making a comeback. CNC. Sparks. Needlecraft.
    • Movie night hardware is running.